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When it comes to food safety, there isn’t room for mistakes. Being the leading importer and distributor of premium grade cleaning solutions and products in South Africa, you can trust Pescatech to keep your food safe and your surfaces clean. How will we do it? By looking at the three main surfaces food touch on their way from the supplier to the customer. 

Surface One: Employees’ Hands

Make sure that your employees are using soap when cleaning their hands and not just clean running water. This applies to all food handlers and anyone involved in the packaging process. Remind employees to refrain from touching their hair, face, or skin at all times, and to wash their hands again if they must do so to ensure ultimate food safety.

Surface Two: The Food

Ever considered the journey the food took to get to you? Be sure to give the food a good rinse or wash, if appropriate. Of course, not all food is meant to be washed, but make sure that it’s clean and fresh before working with clean utensils.

Surface Three: Countertops

Another great way to keep bacteria and other harmful contaminants off surfaces, like countertops, is to sanitise surfaces regularly. However, first make sure that the sanitiser is safe to be used with food! That’s the whole point of food safety, isn’t it?

With Pescatech, taking care of food safety is easy.




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