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Quick Guide to Using Hoses and Washdown Equipment Correctly

In food-related businesses, it is of great importance that the vicinity in which food produce is prepared is always clean and hygienic enough to abide by food health and safety regulations. An inspector can walk in at any time and deal out fines should your shop fail to meet the standards set out by the relevant parties. This is not to mention the risks of consumers or employees contracting a disease due to an unsanitary environment.

Therefore, hoses and other washdown equipment are essential to operate high-risk ventures where consumables are involved. This includes the correct use of cleaning gear to ensure that surfaces and tools not only look spotless, but are truly clean as well.

What is Needed for a Proper Washdown System?

The first step to an effective cleaning session is to know what type of equipment is used where. Washdown systems are typically used for rinsing down largeHose machinery, flat surfaces, or other sizeable equipment that might be difficult to clean by hand. To do this effectively, it is crucial to get the right products:

  • Hoses are the pipes that feed the water to wherever you need to take it, and some can even have special filters installed.
  • Brackets and reels come into play when you want to store washdown equipment safely where it will not damage.
  • Couplings are required to connect the hose to other parts of the system. Make sure they are top-quality to withstand the high water pressure.
  • Brushes are used for scrubbing debris and dirt off the machinery, and special brushes can be attached to hosepipes for a continuous supply of water while washing.
  • Nozzles come in a variety of colours and are used in the chemical foaming process.
  • Water guns are a vital part of the system, as they are used for rinsing off chemicals and leftover soap after a wash.

All parts of the washdown system, including various sizes of hoses, are available online at Pescatech for delivery.

8 Steps in the Washdown Process

  1. Start by scrubbing off grease and other particles with the use of regular brushes, buckets, and soap.
  2. Next, use hot water to rinse off the soap and dirt prior to applying foam and detergents.
  3. Use hoses with the correct nozzle attachments for applying foam in a fast manner to not let it dry before scrubbing.
  4. Attach handles and brushes to hoses and scrub the surface clean a second time.
  5. Re-rinse the surface with clean water thoroughly so that no detergent or dirt is left.
  6. Ask the quality inspector or person in charge to verify that the area is now clean.
  7. Spray on any sterilising chemicals that you would typically use on the machinery.
  8. Allow the surface to dry completely before using it again, or speed up the process with microfibre cloths or a suitable squeegee from our Vikan range.

Get Your Hoses Today and Start Washing

You can order special detergents along with hoses and washdown equipment directly from our site, or give us a call for any questions you still have about the products we stock.




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