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Role of Soap Dispensers in the Food Industry

These innovative devices might seem like a trivial matter to address in your food-related business. However, there are a number of reasons why soap dispensers are necessary in any production line pertaining to consumables.

With Covid-19 being a serious threat to people all around the globe, it’s vital to wash and sanitise one’s hands regularly to avoid the spread of the virus. Now, imagine a setting where edible products are manufactured on a daily basis. The risk for bacterial or viral spread of disease is huge if employees don’t have a quick and easy method of keeping their hands clean and sanitary at all times.

This means that soap dispensers, especially touch-free ones like the CombiPlum Electronic Dispenser at Pescatech, are imperative to the safety of goods in food production.


What to Look for in Soap Dispensers in 2022

Although hygiene is the main reason to install soap dispensers, there are other advantages to buying a high-quality unit. For instance, having the correct amount of liquid dispersed for washing an individual’s hands reduces wastage. Or cutting out the part where employees have to touch a bottle or bar of soap with germ-ridden hands prior to washing can help prevent cross-contamination.

The optimal dispenser should have a design that features the following:Automatic Soap Dispensers - Pescatech

  • Automated dispensing
  • Dosage control
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Quick refilling
  • Easy-to-clean shape and materials

With the right hygiene equipment, such as liquid dispensers, productivity is not negatively affected in taking cautionary steps by washing hands between bathroom breaks, changing between ingredients or machinery, or general health and safety in the food industry.


CombiPlum Electronic Dispenser is the Superior Choice

If you’re looking for a soap dispenser, with all the above qualities and more, this version is it. The CombiPlum Electronic Dispenser features hands-free operation and automation in the amount of disinfectant released, and it can be mounted almost anywhere. It uses 1.0 L refill bags and, most of all, a hygienic design that makes it hassle-free to keep clean and maintained.

Above all that, the product is sold with four AA batteries included in the purchase and can last a whole year on them before needing new ones. This means it’s energy-efficient, reducing overall operation costs. Furthermore, users have the option of getting a state-of-the-art floor stand, which enables it to be placed in the middle of a room, as opposed to only being able to hang it on a wall somewhere.

Additionally, the CombiPlum is eco-friendly in that the soap packages used in it are just the right size to promote less wastage. It’s the perfect dispenser to replace your old, outdated version in 2022, and will save you money in the long-term, reduce time wasted on other sanitising and disinfectant methods, as well as help you comply with health and safety, and Covid-19-related laws in food factories.


How to Order Online at Pescatech

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