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How Automated Hygiene Solutions can improve the safety of your products in the food industry:

Automated hygiene solutions are the the next step in superior hygiene control for your staff. As an important element of so many industries in South Africa, keeping your facility and staff clean, as well as up to standard is of the utmost importance.

Around the world and across our country, processors of all kinds rely on high quality products, solutions and services to produce the best goods for sale. Whether large scale or small business, cleanliness within the food industry is the highest concern.  With such a wide range of needs, the need for automation has become a focus, especially regarding effective staff management. Pescatech answered with a range or technically capable, automated hygiene solutions that ensure you can operate at your full potential.

Primed to tackle quick and steadfast personal hygiene before heading onto the floor, this cuts out staff as a source of any potential contamination. A fantastic way to always boast a fine, efficient facility, automated processed allow you to manage and monitor rather than facilitate each and every step. With the right equipment to ensure the quality and safety of products, businesses can not only save on overall costs in time, but also drastically reduce on site injuries.

A solutions provider at its core, Pescatech supplies the market with the only system that ensures cleaning and disinfection of workers who handle food processes. This means that at no time can contaminants get into the food. With handlers and peripheral staff cleaned effectively it helps to create a perfectly controlled environment.

As a professional brand, Pescatech supplies ROSER products to their clients. This is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of machinery and equipment for the food industry. As a trusted, reliable source of high-grade materials, providing equipment famed within a number of food industries, we can ensure the standard of your product. As one of the most popular equipment manufacturers, in today’s modern, technology driven world, ROSER is renowned for their quality of design. As such we pride ourselves on supplying their staff hygiene solution that far surpasses the unautomated alternative. Taking on the need for automated machinery and processes, these solutions ensure a high quality standard of work is always maintained, and that a high quality food products is always produced.

Specialised for the food industry, although applied in many alternative settings in the real world, these stunning designs allow for the most logistically viable cleaning solution. Fantastic for larger, bulk staff needs, these ensure that workers can quickly and effectively clean off before handling any food processing equipment.

For the best level of effective automated hygiene solutions, be sure to contact Pescatech. Your connection to professional hygiene services and world class products.




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