What are the benefits of having a Grease Trap installed?

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November 2018 | Thursday 11:18

Having a grease trap installed to any working kitchen is an invaluable addition…

Having a trap like this ensures several key financial and environmental advantages within a kitchen, whether large or smaller scale.


Prevent drain block

A grease trap lives in the drainage system, designed to be used for catching fats and oils that make their way down the drainage system. Preventing these contaminates from being flushed into the main drainage system is the main goal of these devices. A normal by-product of cooking and cleaning actions around a house or business, oils and grease can make your life hell when fixing blockage issues. In this way, the big advantage of having a grease trap installed is that it prevents blockages of the main sewage lines.

Cooling system

When waste water enters through the trap, any heavy, solid waste will sink to the bottom of the device. The trap will have built up a reservoir of waste water which will cool any grease when entering, causing it to solidify. This will cause these contaminates to float to the top of the trap and allow the rest of the water to escape beneath. This process occurs naturally leaving just the occasional job of cleaning the grease trap out as it fills up.

Economically safer

The main economic benefit of using a trap like this is that drain systems will need less maintenance and repairs over time. Warm grease cools inside the pipe and sewer system, creating blockages and flooding to the surrounding systems – the trap ensures it does not get into the sewer system. As long as it is serviced properly you can ensure it will maintain its safety and efficiency levels. A huge benefit when preventing temporary closure of businesses due to unneeded blockages and odours. There are also legal elements to consider for commercial food companies, a blocked system can cause tainted products and unhygienic processing areas.

Environmentally friendly

Being environmentally friendly is the name of the game these days. Having a trap in your drain system prevents the release of fat, oils and grease into local sewer systems. Maintaining a trap system is usually hassle-free and greatly beneficial to your health and wellness. The environmental advantages of using traps to recycle grease are ample.

Next time you cook, clean or eat out, consider the waste it can produce. Grease traps complete a range of jobs to keep drainage systems flowing freely at all times. Impacting hospitality sectors and common corporate business, ensuring that industry is maintained at all times, these traps help us ensure a cleaner system of drainage and sewerage.

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