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What is down your drainpipe? More importantly, especially if you are a food processing plant or either liquid-intensive manufacturing concern, do you have sufficient drainage, and is it functioning as it should? Puddles of water might be fine for the local car wash, but when exacting hygiene and safety standards are in force, drainage becomes the most important aspect of successful control. It is often buried, and it is out of sight and out of mind, but piping is the engineered solution that allows us to run giant processing plants, for example, with remarkable hygiene, in extremely sanitary conditions.

Of all available systems, BLÜCHER® EuroPipe has colonised the globe, for several good reasons. The benefits of a BLÜCHER® EuroPipe system start at installation, because not only is it a lightweight stainless-steel system, but one or two people at most can install the entire system – it is quick and amenable to such a prefab fit. You will save time and installation expenses. Being uncoated stainless steel, there is another immediate benefit. You are not buying precious metal, but you are buying stainless steel that should give you around 50 years of trouble-free use, after which you can take your stainless steel to market. With a history of strong, perpetual demand, stainless steel is an investment, one that works like mad for decades, and then pays you on the way out.

BLÜCHER® EuroPipe Systems Independently Rated as the Best

Great for above and below ground, BLÜCHER® EuroPipe is far lighter than cast iron options, and it is a push-fit modular system that simplifies even exacting drainage designs in hi-tech facilities. All components are coupled with smartly engineered connecting fittings that make the whole system a labour-reducing, smooth flowing pleasure to install. Rated as the most cost-effective solution by independent analysis, BLÜCHER® EuroPipe systems’ rating factored in the material, installation, and maintenance implications and costs, as well as those recycling “costs” that in fact turn out to be income for you.

Very few things are as welcome to use and dispose of as BLÜCHER® EuroPipe components. That is because very few other materials of architecture – be that residential, commercial, or industrial – perform so diligently and return their purchase price at the end of their working life. It is hard to beat. There are other benefits to the materials and design embodied by BLÜCHER® EuroPipe, and they start with extreme fire resistance, resistance to build-up and clogging, and high flow rates. You will find their systems in play at food processing plants, hospitals, hotels, airports, and schools. There are systems rated for chemical waste and marine environments, and shipyards all over the world depend on the brand to keeps things clean and dry.

Come to Pescatech for the Best of BLÜCHER® EuroPipe

As everything else we supply, BLÜCHER® EuroPipe solutions come with our expertise and years of experience behind them. The brand really is the best, and we would be happy to show you why. The purchase price, the handling and installation, the performance and durability – with BLÜCHER® EuroPipe, every component has been extrapolated into the cost it represents and the value it brings, and the math is clear.

For the most cost-effective drainage solution in any application, call on Pescatech. We will show you how smart and effective your drainage systems can be, and how easily smart systems can shrink costs.




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