Boot Washer and general hygiene systems in the work place

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February 2019 | Tuesday 10:19

The purchasing of boot washers and general hygiene systems will mostly be dependent on the requirements of the specific industry needs and hygiene standards. Other factors such as cost, efficiency and space availability will also influence which boot washing system will be best suited for your environment.

Some options you will include

Manual Boot Washer

The manual boot washer is your most cost-effective option. This is a manual system that is operated by the user’s foot. This eliminates the need for extra money spent on resources such as electricity. The waterfred brush allows more angels for the cleaning of the boot. This a quick and easy way to combat cross contamination and improve the general hygiene of the work environment.

Stainless Steel Sole Washer

The walk-through boot washer is one of the entry level designs for footwear cleaning and hygiene. This system is built for a heavy-duty environment however it was kept small allowing for easy installation and space efficiency. The machine makes use of two brushes rotating under a grip in attempt to clean the users sole.

Walk Though Boot washer with infra-red activation

This system will be highly effective if you are looking to speed up the cleaning and sterilizing process. The walk-through aspect leads to multiple users’ footwear being cleaned simultaneously resulting in no queuing time. This system operates in both walking directions for your convenience, enabling you to tailor the process specifically to your work environment layout. This system can be purchased with the hand disinfection add on.

Boot washers can be an expensive purchase for your work environment, it is therefore important to understand what the environment requires in terms of hygiene standards, budget availability and the number of users these systems will have to service.

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