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Brushes and Scoops – Everything You Need To Clean Your Store

Even though you might not always notice the small pile of dust in the corner, the unevenly packed products on the second shelf, or the drink spill on the counter, your visitors will.

It is imperative to any business’s image to keep the storefront clean, especially during working hours. Of course, your janitorial staff can do a proper sweeping, mopping, and washing of all surfaces once before opening or at night after closing. Nevertheless, it is also important that employees clean as they go.

To do this, you will need to buy all kinds of supplies, including scoops, brushes, cloths, and detergents, which you can find in our selection of cleaning kits.

10 Cleaning Essentials for Small Businesses

Before going shopping, it is wise to inspect the storage closet and see what cleaning supplies you already have. This way, you do not waste money on duplicate items and can mark them down from your checklist of necessary purchases.

See the below list for all the supplies that every store owner needs to keep their space clean:

  • Quality scoops for the food industryBrushes
  • Brooms
  • Buckets
  • Cloths
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Mops
  • Soap
  • Scoops
  • Wet floor signs
  • Window washers

Apart from these essentials, you can always add luxury items, such as automated hygiene machines, vacuums, and other more expensive equipment. However, you only need the basics if you are running a small shop.

Remember to list all the different types of soap and detergents you require to not forget anything when placing an order.

Tips for a Cleaner Work Environment

In truth, most employees will skip out on their cleaning duties if they get the chance. But if everyone thinks the next person will do it, you will end up with a catastrophic situation in no time. Ideally, you want workers to take the initiative and bring the brushes and scoops out of the closet on their own.

To achieve this type of result, put up the list of things staff members must do each day where they will see it often – perhaps in the area they choose to take breaks. This way, they will constantly be reminded that their job is not just to stand behind the counter and wait for customers to walk in.

Your to-do-list can include tasks like wiping counters, emptying scoops, checking that shelves are stocked, and dusting. Depending on the specific needs of your store, come up with a procedure for workers to follow when there are no clients and before they decide to go on lunch.

Reorganise Your Storage Area for all New Cleaning Equipment

Another important part of getting employees to work harder is by making it easy for them to keep the place neat. No one wants to clean after searching for the broom through the entire shop first.

You can add hooks for mops and brooms, as well as drawers (for scoops, brushes, and cloths), and you can leave some floor space open for the mop trolley to be placed. To make sure that everything gets put back where it belongs after use, place labels in the storage area where every object has to go.

Buy the equipment, inclusive of the scoops you need to keep the store sparkling clean. Send us your list of required cleaning supplies and order everything you need directly from us online.





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