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Supplying Buckets for the Cleaning Industry

The use of professional cleaning companies by the commercial sector has continued to grow steadily. Teams of uniformed workers, accompanied by trolleys laden with brooms, mops, buckets, squeegees and all the other paraphernalia required for various cleaning tasks are now a common sight in locations such as office blocks, places of entertainment, and shopping malls.

Apart from the fact that hiring a third party to undertake the cleaning eliminates the need of companies to employ their own staff and purchase their own equipment for this purpose, it has another advantage. Professional cleaning services are typically willing to operate outside of normal working hours. This means that office staff and shopping-centre customers are not exposed to risks such as slipping on wet floors and neither will they be inconvenienced or disturbed by the noise of clanking buckets or other intrusions by the cleaning teams.

In practice, these teams must be able to work quickly and efficiently to get their tasks completed in the time slot that is available to them. In addition, the various tools they must rely upon to perform their services need to be both effective and sufficiently tough to stand up to the many hours of heavy usage, day after day, that is typical within this industry. It is for these reasons that so many professional cleaning companies in South Africa choose Pescatech to supply them with everything from brooms, mops, and buckets, to the specialised janitorial trolleys on which to stow and transport all these items.

At Pescatech, we supply a wide range of cleaning equipment to hospitals, restaurants, abattoirs, dairies, and the manufacturers of processed foods and we source all our cleaning products from the world’s leading producers in this field. For example, all the high-quality brooms, mops, and buckets supplied locally are manufactured by the world-renowned Danish company, Vikan, well-known for superior products and its green policies – and you can procure these products from us.


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