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How many kilometres do you estimate the average floor cleaner needs to cover on a monthly basis? 100 km? 1000 km? As with many aspects of business, the small things that happen every day add up to substantial considerations over time. So what? Well, for one thing, business fitness hinges on all those accumulated inputs being as streamlined as possible. Smart business sweats the small stuff, gets it sorted, and makes sure that whatever is unavoidable is executed as effectively as possible. That is just decent living, and also smart business.

You might consider that things like brooms, mops, and bucket trolleys hardly impact the smooth running of a business, but when cleaning staff are a persistent and necessary expense at any company, every input needs to be optimised for performance, so that maintenance costs are not a perpetual burden. It is more than staff overheads, it is the equipping of those staff with the best solution (for the greatest performance and cost-effectiveness) that optimises maintenance.

What Defines Great Cleaning Gear?

Great HACCP gear is first and foremost durable. Maintenance contains its fair share of consumables, but the tools need to be rugged and long lasting. That is the first crucial component you need when you are travelling several thousand square kilometres in a year. Hot on the heels of durability, comes fit for purpose. When it comes to bucket trolleys, there is a lot to factor into such a seemingly simple item. When small touches add up to such big impacts, when people are working and working towards a level of performance, your equipment counts, a lot. Just ask any professional athlete what shoes they run in or what supplements they take – any arena of human endeavour has best practice.

Mobility for things on wheels starts with the wheels themselves. Get their size and functionality wrong, and you have either got a stubborn mule or a runaway train. And how does the chassis perform beneath the weight of one bucket, a split bigger bucket, or one of the double bucket trolleys? How do your bucket trolleys optimise maintenance by virtue of their ease of use, carrying capacity, and functionality in transit? Can your cleaning staff limit refills and address large areas with ease? Can they rinse along the way in the back bucket, or can they both wash and rinse in split bucket trolleys that make their cleaning tasks simple and highly facilitated?

Pescatech is Rugged HACCP Gear at Its Best

At Pescatech, we boast arguably the best range of basic and specialised HACCP equipment in the country. A mop is a mop, and bucket trolleys are bucket trolleys, until you add up their replacement costs and look at what you are getting in terms of performance. Our clients are repeat business, and there is a reason for that. They have done the costing. They have left the bottom rungs of lowest price and frequent replacements, and more than that, they have optimised their maintenance crew, shaving time, costs, and hassles.

We are all about doing things the best way possible, and especially for our food industry clients, we supply the best solutions, and equipment to match, making our clients’ operations run smoothly and smartly. Call on us first for industrial strength cleaning equipment, and let us show you why our customers rate us amongst their top suppliers.




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