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Everything You Need to Know About Buckets for Mopping

With large businesses, the janitors are most likely the people who have to deal with all the messes and spills. However, with many small businesses, the owners have their regular staff do the cleaning or do it themselves to save on costs. No matter the size of your establishment, it is wise to look into bucket trolleys or speed mops in addition to buckets, so employees can clean faster and your store can open earlier in the mornings.

We stock everything from regular mops and buckets to bucket trolleys and fancy speed clean mops – all at affordable prices.

Understanding What Goes Into Mop Buckets

It might seem like a trivial task that you do not want to spend a lot of time on, but getting the best mop bucket for the job can save you hours in cleaning. Below are the different parts of a bucket trolley to know before making a purchase:Bucket and Mop

  • Wringer – Handle to squeeze extra water from the sponge without dirtying one’s hands.
  • Bucket – The area that contains clean water and soaps, which can be removable or attached to the trolley.
  • Trolley Frame – Metal or plastic base with wheels that make it easy to move the contraption around.
  • Used Water Section – This is an additional bucket or section that allows dirty water to be kept separate from unused water.

Depending on the size floor to clean daily, there are multiple sizes in buckets to choose from. A regular move-by-hand bucket and mop can be used at home or a small retail outlet. However, for anyone in the food industry or other sectors that require regular and vigorous scrubbing, a full trolley system is a better choice.

Pick a Device from Our Range

All our products are of high quality and are competitively priced. Not only do we stock an excellent variety of mop trolleys, but also mops, brushes, brooms, detergents, and more. See the following details on each of the bucket trolleys we have available:

  1. The Single Bucket Trolley is our simplest version, which comes with a 25 L bucket on a four-wheel trolley frame. It also features a wringer and an extra handle to pull the equipment where you want it to go. This product is available in four colours, including blue, red, green, and yellow.
  2. Our Double Bucket Trolley comes in all the same colours as the above product, plus an additional choice of black, if preferred. The unit features a large container that is split into two equal parts of 15 L each, one for clean and one for used water. This option also comes equipped with a wringer, handles on both sides, and four wheels for mobility.
  3. Lastly, the 2P Double Bucket Trolley is available in either a yellow or green four-wheeled frame, with two removable buckets of 25 L each. On this device, the wringer is attached in the middle of the two containers, allowing you the choice of where to have the dirty water squeezed out. Both buckets have their own handles. The trolley also comes with a sturdy handle stretching out above the contraption for ease of movement and a comfortable cleaning experience.

With any of these purchases, you will need to buy a mop separately. Or you can have a look at Cleaning Kit 4, which features both a bucket trolley and a speed clean microfibre dry mop. The product comes with two 15 L sections and is available in either yellow or red.

Need More Cleaning Supplies? Get a Quote Online

For all your cleaning needs, be it commercial or home-use, we have the solution. Order everything you need from our store in one go and only pay for shipping once. Send us a message and find out more about all the equipment and buckets we stock.




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