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Butchery cleaning equipment is a must if you want to stay on the right side of health and safety regulations. There are many different types of tools to help tidy up your shop. These include brooms, buckets, brushes, hoses, drainage systems, and more. What is so unique about our collection? Well, we have everything you need to keep your workspace safe and clean with minimal effort. See our range of high-quality products to choose from.

The busier your store gets, the more difficult it is to keep everything neat and fresh. There is the cutting, portioning, cleaning, and packaging of meat to be done, as well as making the sale to consumers. Let us not forget keeping the shop spotless throughout trading hours. Without a set system in place and the right gear, your dream of being the finest butcher in town may soon come to an end.

Helpful Tips for Keeping Things Clean

Here are some helpful tips to keep your outlet clean at all times:

  • Install storage solutions that are a perfect fit for your product.
  • Purchase enough detergent and disinfectants to last a long time.
  • Invest in butchery cleaning equipment that makes the task easier.
  • Train staff in the use of any complex machines to avoid incorrect application.
  • Follow industry guidelines for optimal health and safety.

You do not want harmful germs spreading to customers or staff members. Thus, routine cleaning of storage spaces should be carried out weekly, but kitchen- and other work-related equipment should be tackled more regularly. Also remember to keep floors and prep surfaces sanitary.

Energy Efficient Cleaning Solutions

Knowing how much scrubbing there is to be done in butchery or other food preparation services, you might want to check out our automated hygiene equipment. One such a machine is the Crate Washer. It is perfect for butchery shops as it cleans up to 700 crates an hour. That is far more than any individual can wash by hand, even in an entire day. This is a clever invention for bigger butcheries that move a lot of meat. The device has a rotary self-cleaning filter installed, helping you to save even more cleaning time.

Another one of our automated devices is a foot-operated basin. It features two soap dispensers and four taps. What makes this an impeccable addition to any butchery is the fact that it is activated with foot pedals, controlling the hot- or cold-water flow. This means employees do not need to touch anything with meaty, blood-soaked hands, and bacteria will not spread from one person’s hands to the next.

Then there is also the Walk-Through Boot Washer to install at the walk-in fridge. This piece of cleaning equipment is small in size, which allows you to install it without cramping the place. It cleans the dirt from shoes. This ensures that your whole floor does not get disturbing footprints all over when someone steps in a wet puddle.

For every hygiene matter, there is a simple solution. Purchase all your butchery cleaning equipment from Pescatech online and keep your business going. Do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.





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