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Revolutionising Food Safety Equipment with Central Cleaning Systems for Automated Hygiene in the Food and Beverage Industry

Factory sanitation and personal hygiene in food manufacturing plants have always been a priority for owners and personnel alike, and central cleaning systems are improving these standards exponentially. In reality, the pandemic did not bring the thorough washing of hands, covering of hair in food-handling areas, and the wearing of gloves and masks to the food and beverage (F&B) industry quite like it did to others.

To the contrary, the processes of cleaning and cleanliness were only exacerbated by Covid-19. These practices have not only been exercised in these industries for decades but they were often required by licensing authorities and health departments nationally. The fact that it has now been automated by central cleaning systems alleviates the issues of messy, unsanitary hand-washing stations, and it is revolutionising the F&B and related food-production industries. 

As the leading food-safety equipment suppliers, at Pescatech we have always been pioneers in introducing new and innovative ways to keep food-preparation companies hygienic, clean, and sanitised, and we certainly have not been left behind through this new and exciting evolution.


5 Examples of Our Automated Central Cleaning SystemsSanicompact - Automated Central Cleaning Systems

Below, we will briefly expand on only a few automated systems that will assist your facility and employees to keep to your cleanliness protocols.

  1. First on our list is our range of SaniCompact central cleaning systems. This space-saving piece of equipment takes up very little floor space. Compact and efficient, it is a perfect example of integrated hygiene control. It has been specifically designed to control and guarantee the washing and sanitising of all hands and footwear before entering the food-production area.

It includes a foot bath for shoe sanitising, automated hand washing, hand drying with paper towels (which can also have automatic as an option), and hand sanitising. Fitted with a turnstile egress point, it will only allow those employees that have washed, rinsed, and sanitised both hands. When one employee has completed the washing stage, the next may begin. However, there is hardly any time wastage as these units have the ability to complete the hygienic process in only 9 seconds.

  1. In your specific operation, if you would prefer to have separate cleaning stages for hands and shoes, we offer the Roser Walk-Through Boot Washer. This piece of equipment is a heavy-duty item and produces excellent results for cleaning footwear.

Its compact size makes it ideal for smaller factories and can be easily installed when space is limited. The item makes use of modular cleaning brushes, which rotate under and through a grip that cleans the worker’s soles. These brushes are easily accessed and are readily removed for maintenance and cleaning.

  1. If footwear cleaning is not necessary for your facility but hands need to be hygienically washed between breaks or before shifts, perhaps our stainless-steel, wall-mounted washbasin might be a better fit as your centralised personal hygiene station.

This unit is capable of having two separate users at once. It offers photoelectric, infrared activation, so taps are activated automatically. Additionally, it can have a thermostatic mixing valve added to the plumbing for access to warm water for those frigid winter days. Finally, between the two basins, there is a conveniently positioned soap dispenser.

  1. It is not only at the entrance to your food-preparation areas where automation can assist in personal hygiene. Guests visiting the premises, employees, and management all need to use ablution facilities at different times throughout the day. Whether your establishment is large or small, or you have one toilet area or many, we offer automated personal hygiene solutions for any size business.


The handy 1L CombiPlum electronic soap dispenser, with convenient vacuum-packed refills to avoid unnecessary spillage, is battery operated, and one set of batteries can last up to 12 months, alleviating issues related to load-shedding. Or, with our eco-friendly Dualflow Plus automated hand dryer, we have a solution for all your hand-drying needs.


Where to Source Automated Central Cleaning Systems

At Pescatech, it is our passion for cleaning that has kept us ahead of the pack. After almost 30 years in the industry, we are still committed to delivering the most effective, advanced, best-quality cleaning solutions and equipment. As the leading importer and distributor of superior cleaning products and solutions in South Africa, it is now our privilege to introduce to our extended list of existing, and potentially new client base, the automated evolution of central cleaning systems.

For the best advice, knowledgeable recommendations, specialised equipment, products and cleaning solutions, and excellent after-sales-service, contact our experts at Pescatech. We have a passion for cleaning.

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