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Uses and Benefits of Dispensers

Dispensers come in many shapes, forms, sizes, and designs and their uses, from hygienic water dispensers with lever-activated mechanisms and touch-free hand disinfectant units to unclogging the most stubborn, congealed grease drains, the benefits are just as numerous. They are also quickly becoming the cleaning systems of choice for all sorts of industries, from food and beverages to mechanical engineering and farming sectors, dispensers have a place in all cleaning and sanitising programmes.

Pre-measured cleaning chemicals of the ready-to-use (RTU), off-the-shelf varieties are increasingly becoming obsolete. Whilst they are convenient, they do have disadvantages. For example, there is no way of certifying the mixing ratios, they are more expensive, and they are not very environmentally friendly. RTU bottles and containers usually end up in landfills or add to greenhouse gasses when being destroyed.

The Green Benefits of Dispensers

Making use of dispensing systems is surprisingly eco-friendly. It cuts down on waste as most dispensers are refillable, reusable, or rechargeable. Some models also come out with hygienic dispenser designs, with their products kept in airtight bags for the prevention of bacteria growth.

Dispensers also significantly reduce the ordering of cleaning chemicals, which cuts down on fuel expenses and reduces waste and your company’s carbon footprint.

 It also saves you money on delivery costs and will save a considerable amount of space as you don’t have to store large barrels of pre-diluted RTU chemicals.

Certify Your Own Mixing Ratios

In most sectors, cleaning routines and schedules have to be followed conscientiously, especially when the general public is involved. Without dispensers, manual dosing of chemicals would be done by employees. This might lead to safety hazards and possible injuries.

Added to this risk, incorrect doses of disinfectant chemicals or sterilising mixtures could have catastrophic consequences. Too much of the cleaning solution could be harmful or caustic to customers or consumers and too little could unintentionally spread harmful bacteria and germs causing localised illness, and maybe, in a worst-case scenario, result in a shut-down of your facility.

On the other hand, dispensing systems will guarantee the correct dosage of detergents, sanitisers, and cleaning chemicals per mixture. Should your hygiene technicians and cleaning staff strictly adhere to the dosage amounts per area to be cleaned, these levels can be managed and maintained to above-acceptable hygiene standards.

Direct Benefits to Your CompanyAutomatic Soap Dispensers - Pescatech

According to the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA), making use of dispensers and dispensing equipment can reduce chemical costs by up to 30% just by accurately diluting the proper dosage measurements. It also adds to staff productivity because members don’t have to waste time with measuring and mixing. This ensures that duties are completed accurately the first time, allowing employees to concentrate on other areas of the business.

Continually distributing precise measurements, dispensers will ensure that work surfaces, production lines, shared areas, and public spaces are sanitised to acceptable hygiene standards, and this will positively reflect on the public’s and your clients’ opinion of your brand.

The Brand You Can Trust

For more than a quarter of a century, Pescatech has been a leading international distributor of only the finest hygiene products. We have a comprehensive southern African client base and can accommodate even the harshest cleaning environments. To know more about our cleaning and sanitising tools and products, explore our website or simply ask us for a quote. We’ll have what you’re looking for!

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