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A squeegee is a squeegee is a squeegee, right? Well, actually no, that is untrue, and anyone who regularly works with a squeegee can confirm just how significant the difference in time and effort can be between using the various tool options available on the market. The reality is that, although elementary in construct, squeegees demonstrate remarkable diversity in performance, based on their design and the materials employed.

As elementary as a squeegee might be, a calculated marriage of design and materials is at play in the humble squeegee. Possibly invisible to others, the success or failure of that combination becomes blatantly apparent to the person employing the tool within a very short while. Finance too will spot the success of a squeegee’s design and manufacture, as there will either be long intervals between needed squeegee purchases, or the item will keep popping up on purchase orders on a regular basis. Elementary or not, just as with any other tools available, there are good versions and poor versions, and the best squeegees are those that are not only made to last but made to perform for an extended period before maintenance is required.

Pescatech Vikan Squeegees are the Top of the Range

Yes, maintenance. Being just a handle, a head, and a blade, what possible maintenance can a squeegee need, you might ask? Well, that is a fair question, as of course the handle (handheld short or longer for standing use) and head should not need “maintenance” in any real sense of the word. That is why Pescatech offers the Vikan range-robust tools with handles that do not bend, and heads that barely scuff, never mind dent or break. The Vikan range acknowledges that handles and heads should not, indeed, be giving maintenance or performance issues to staff, which is why they are built for heavy duty durability.

When it comes to the squeegee blade, not only are they too made for daily work over a long period, but we have made it easy to swap out replacement cassettes. The blade is the only component suffering aggressive daily wear and tear, and even though they last a long time, eventually, you will end up with a substandard blade, worn down from daily use, sitting at the end of what is still an as-new handle and head. No problem-simply dump the old blade and fit a replacement cassette, and you are back to perfect performance.

Different companies of course have different requirements, and depending on whether it is strictly floor work, or whether there are other surfaces that need squeegee cleaning, you will want a wider or narrower blade, deeper or shallower too, and with either a handheld length handle or a typically longer handle for standing work. Whatever your needs, Pescatech has a squeegee that will perform admirably.

Pescatech Squeegees Are a Cut Above

Being a top-end supplier of hygiene and cleaning solutions, squeegees from Pescatech are the Rolls Royce of squeegees. The approach we have taken is one that aims to provide the most cost-effective solution over time. Rather than throwing your squeegees away every month or two, our clients get years of great performance from our squeegees. Seen over the longer term, our squeegees are the best solution for value for money and extended performance. Call on Pescatech and experience our squeegees in action-we just know you will see the difference!




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