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A scoop is a scoop is a scoop, right? Well, no, a scoop needs to be the right shape and size, for one thing! More than that, when it comes to commercial application, the elementary and humble scoop can entertain a high degree of variation in order to equip personnel and processes with just the right scoop for optimum performance at a certain point in production. Scoops really do come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and it is important for efficient production that you choose the correct scoop for the task if you want to maintain efficiency.

If daily production demands that a person fills a dozen bags with fine material every 10 minutes or so, it becomes easy to see how much the size and the shape of the material scoop they use is going to impact that process over time. There is no point trying to scoop with a bowl-shaped scoop when an open-face scoop would halve the completion time of a task. Scoops, much like other seemingly simple, working utensils like mops and brooms, can have a huge impact on productivity over time, which is the most compelling reason to shop for a scoop that meets the desired performance paradigm.

Size, Shape, and Durability Count with Scoops 

Liquid handling would do well with the bowl scoop mentioned above, whereas fine to even fairly course aggregates (think from cake flour to crusher stone) will likely demand that prompt work is facilitated by a deep yet open-face scoop that can be pushed into bulk material before doling it into smaller packaging or containers. Scoops need to be appropriately shaped and sized for the myriad of functions businesses might demand of them, but they would also ideally sport a few other attributes too.

Colour-coded scoops can be a huge aid to dedicated work or workstations, making sure that the right tool is employed in the relevant process, and nowhere else. And if you keep buying scoops as though they are a staple monthly expense, you have forgotten about the durability factor that should always be a consideration with cleaning utensils. Scoops might be inert and simple tools, but they have working surfaces of course, and the carrying stresses impact the handle and wall strength particularly.

Pescatech Scoops Are Quality and Durability in One

The Vikan range from Pescatech is the gold standard of commercial scoops, and we have a scoop to fit every imaginable purpose commerce might have in mind. The Vikan range of scoops comes with guaranteed durability. These scoops are designed to be fit for purpose, with a high durability that is standard. When every scoop counts, it has to be a scoop designed to execute the desired task most effectively and efficiently, otherwise those lost minutes add up over time, and start to present as an unwelcome expense.

Ours are colour-coded, well designed, and made to last. In fact, cent for cent and day for day, our cleaning tool range represents the best value for money available. Our clients have done the math and stick with us, because they can see the value they get from buying top-notch gear, and we would love to be able to supply our quality gear for your purposes too. Mail us, call us, or feel free to drive right over and inspect our goods firsthand – we are here to serve you!




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