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Regardless of the industry you represent, the size of your business, or how hygienically clean you try to keep it, tough messes will occur, and quality cleaning equipment will help you mop it up. Mistakes and human error will happen. Creating horrendous messes and cleaning it might be a daunting task but by knowing which equipment to use when and where, you can make quick and easy work of it.

There are typically two choices of what cleaning equipment to use when there are major spills and messes. Do you use manual or mechanised equipment to mop up? Although both have their benefits, it can be argued that, no matter how large or small your business is, there will always be a need for manual cleaning tools.

Mechanised cleaning solutions certainly have their uses in larger spaces and make mop-up operations far simpler. However, for the smaller nooks and crannies, regardless of the square meterage of the clean-up, to ensure that the entire area is left hygienically clean, manual cleaning equipment solutions will always be a necessity, especially in premises that do not have the space to accommodate large machinery.

For these reasons and more, in this article, our specialist cleaning professionals at Pescatech will explore manual cleaning equipment options that are absolute necessities in every janitorial armoury.


Examples of Essential Manual Cleaning Equipment for Tackling Tough Messes

From buckets, brushes, and brooms to mops, scoops, and fibre cloths, there are hundreds of essential cleaning tools that janitorial staff will need to keep your facility spic and span. However, today, we will only focus on a few. These include:

Bucket Trolleys:Cleaning Equipment

From high schools and hospital wards to restaurants and factories, every janitor is notarised for pushing a bucket trolley and a mop. At Pescatech, we encourage eco-cleaning and for this purpose, we offer our Black is Green trolley bucket on wheels.What raises this trolley bucket above the rest is that it is manufactured from the best and strictly selected plastic waste and is completely recyclable. It is the result of an innovative process, which guarantees high-quality plastic. This bucket on wheels is fully compliant with RoHS and REACH guidelines, and the use of recycled plastic in the product is recognised in public tenders as a rewarding green requirement. So, it may even assist in public tenders for cleaning companies.

Mobile Mops and Buckets:

The ever-ready bucket and mop combo is essential for cleaning floors in small areas. We offer a range of mops, including sponge mops, string mops, and flat mops with high-fibre face surfaces. We also offer Vikan squeegees. The type of mop or squeegee you choose will depend on the severity of the spill and the type of floor surface you need to clean.

Brooms and Dustpans:

A broom and dustpan are essential for sweeping up floors and cleaning up dry messes, and they are essential in any janitorial arsenal. Our superior range of Vikan brooms, brushes, and dustpans will assist in sweeping any company’s harshest floor surfaces.

Microfibre Cleaning Cloths:

This superior technology is gentle on surfaces and ideal for picking up dust. They are usable on most surfaces, and they do not leave streaks on glass, mirrors, or stainless-steel surfaces after cleaning.

This is just a brief overview of the hundreds of cleaning equipment products that we have to offer. But what if you have several hygiene-sensitive departments that cannot be cross-contaminated?

For this, we offer our colour-coded Vikan range of cleaning utensils. They are available in various colours to avoid confusion and each department is designated their own colour. Moreover, we offer the ideal storage solutions from mountable brackets to mobile shadow boards and lockable cages. These solutions keep all of your cleaning equipment in one place, so they are always available in case of an emergency clean-up.


Why Pescatech and Why Choose Vikan?

With a historical legacy that dates back to 1898, Vikan has established itself as the world’s foremost provider of superior, professional-grade cleaning tools and insights for food and beverage and related industries, including other hygiene-sensitive industries. Their extensive expertise is brought to the fore in their extensive library of cleaning science knowledge, collected over a century of dedication and innovation.

At Pescatech, we believe that quality meets quantity, right here with us, and we are proudly the leading distributor of Vikan products in South Africa. Having travelled the globe to research and learn from our suppliers, we have a deep understanding and are proud of our brands and products. So, if you need superior-quality cleaning equipment or advice on how to clean up tough messes with ease, consider contacting us for a no-obligation consultation.


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