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Ultra Safe Technology

State of the Art Performance

This forms part of Vikan’s ambition to create the most secure, safe and hygienic cleaning tools for the food and beverage industry. Rigorous testing has proved great functionality, durability and chemical and thermal resistance.

Create an organised and standardised storage space for your cleaning equipment with Pescatech’s range of shadow boards, customised to suit your needs.

Our 5S Shadow boards provide a simple and easy to follow identification system to help you maintain a safe an efficient workplace.

Thirty years after the initial product launch Toolflex has gone from a simple idea to a smart system. Manufactured in Sweden, products have continuously developed both in terms of design and materials. In order to maintain the highest quality standards and adapt to ever-changing market needs in specifically the hygiene industry.

Save money on the cost and disruptions of inferior drains. Choose BLÜCHER®, one of Europe’s leading producers of stainless steel drainage systems. Innovative products and rigorous testing ensure high quality, excellent flow capacity and optimum hygiene, combined with minimal maintenance. Suitable anywhere – from multi-storey apartments and food processing factories to hospitals and cruise liners.

Industrial Hose Reels of the Highest Quality.

Supplied with:

  • Zinc plated connection
  • Viton® seals
  • Automatic brake for wheels
  • Regulation clutch
  • Rotation lock drum
  • Five Frames In One
  • Dual System Opening – Closing
  • Universal Connector
  • Extra Robustness
  • Type of replacement:
    Mops with pockets, flaps, pockets & flaps, flaps with 2 rings, flaps with 3 rings, velcro.

Sanicompact Plus

Integral sanitizing system, includes soles washer, blow off to avoid excess of water automatic hands wash, automatic rinse, hands drying with paper towel or airblade and hands sanitizing. A turnstile door will allow access only to those employees that have washed, rinsed and sanitized both hands. A PLC controls all stages of every single worker. When one employee has completed wash and rinse stages, next employee can start washing. Flow of people is one person every 9 seconds.

With Plum Wound and Eyewash Spray you get immediate and effective care to minor accidents such as cuts and scrapes on the skin or dust and dirt in the eyes. It helps you to minimize the risk of further infection or damage.

Fast. Quiet. Green.

The hand dryer of the future.

Designed for high traffic, this new generation dryer ensures clean and dry hands in seconds. With advanced design and state-of-theart technology, the Dualflow® Plus ‘hands in’ dryer consumes up to 70% less energy than most dryers and eliminates water waste on the floor.

Innovative hygiene. Our contribution to your success.

Hagleitner provides perfect systems to deliver clean dispensing solutions for the washroom and sanitary areas. As trendsetters in the field of hygiene, Hagleitner continuously strives to come up with new, innovative solutions. Solutions that work for you.



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