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Cleaning Products for every Contingency

Whereas at one time, the list of available cleaning products was fairly short, today, it is a great deal longer. Among the various chemical cleaners alone, we now have separate products for use on windows, bathroom tiles, stoves, and kitchen surfaces, as well as dishwashing liquids and a whole battery of detergents with which to treat coloured, stained, or delicate fabrics. By contrast, apart from the vacuum cleaner and the electric floor polisher, there have been relatively few additions to the tools available to cleaners.

In this sector, it is the design of the more traditional cleaning products such as mops, brooms, and buckets, and the materials from which they are manufactured, that have evolved and which are now characterised by improved performance. The emphasis of manufacturers has been to develop products that are both more robust and better suited to their designated tasks. Currently, one of the companies that is most widely recognised for achieving these improvements is the Danish manufacturer, Vikan.

Items such as mops and brooms, unless kept scrupulously clean, tend simply to spread the dirt around rather than removing it. Vikan’s world-class cleaning products have been designed with the most stringent hygiene requirements in mind, using materials that are easy to clean and which, if necessary, can be autoclaved to eliminate the presence of bacteria and their spores. Aimed primarily, at the food-and-beverage industry, all of these products and more are available in South Africa from Pescatech.


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