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Hunt down dirt with the power of the Crevice Brush

Corners, edges, grouting between tiles and narrow spaces.

These are some of the toughest areas to clean using traditional scrub brushes. Because of this, such areas are high-risk zones for deposits of dirt and potential contaminants.

The V shape makes sure you get into every nook and cranny, while stiffer filaments in the centre of the brush head loosen dirt and food particles for effective removal by the softer bristles at the sides. Detail cleaning under cabinets, tables and equipment is notoriously difficult, and hard on
your back. 

The Crevice Scrub solves the problem with an ergonomic swivel function that lets you lay the handle down almost parallel to the floor. In this position, you can move the brush into and around the gaps between the floor and fixtures and fittings – without getting down on
your knees.


  • Ergonomic Swivel Function
  • Differentiated Filament Thickness
  • Detachable Swivel Head
  • Colours in in White, Yellow, Red, Green and Blue.



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