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Disinfectants and Health and Safety Supplies through Pescatech

In today’s modern society, one would cringe at the thought of workers not washing their hands before preparing food or disinfectants not being used to sterilise work surfaces where that preparation takes place. What is commonly associated with the prevention of spreading germs and disease today was not accepted as a standard hygienic practice by the world of science for much of recent history.

In fact, the first harmful bacteria and micro-organisms which caused disease were discovered over 300 years ago, yet it still took modern science a long time to establish the link between them, infections, disease and insufficient hand sanitation.

importance of disinfectants

The 19th Century brought an Evolution

All was not lost though, the mid-1800s were good years for the introduction of disinfectants to be used as sterilising agents. Along with many firsts in the health, hygiene and medicinal sciences:

  • In 1847, Hungarian physician Ignaz Semmelweis introduced hand sanitizers made from chlorinated lime solutions to prevent postpartum women from dying of Childbed Fever.
  • In 1858, English physician Benjamin Richardson observed that hydrogen peroxide eliminated unpleasant odours and proposed its use for disinfectants.
  • In 1862, Louis Pasteur pioneered the process of pasteurisation. The French chemist went on to develop the procedures of disinfection and sterilisation.
  • In 1865, the Scotsman, Sir Joseph Lister introduced disinfecting agents for the air, hands and dressings for wounds using carbolic acid based on Pasteur’s findings.

The research and findings of these and many others in recent medical science history have assisted with the evolution of hygienic, sterile environments using disinfectants.


Paying Homage to the Pioneers

At Pescatech, it is our passion for product and service excellence that sets us apart. We are the leading importer and distributor of premium-grade cleaning solutions and products in South Africa. We acknowledge that it is largely due to these pioneers in their industries that have allowed world leaders in ours to utilize modern technology and up to one hundred years of knowledge and experience to develop the most technologically advanced products and brands that deliver the most effective and best quality cleaning solutions.

We have travelled the globe, associating ourselves with these internationally renowned companies and importing these products and services directly. All of our products are Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) compliant including our top-quality disinfectants, health and safety products and dispensers. Introducing these products to your operation in conjunction with our full range of industrial cleaning products and world-class services and expertise has several advantages:

  • Stringent cleaning routines and sterilization of hands with Pescatech products may prevent cross-contamination of chemicals or ingredients from one area or product to another.
  • Assisting in poor product prevention since there is limited microbial contamination.
  • They may extend the life of your equipment.
  • There is less product wastage due to spoiling.
  • Increases safety and wellness of staff members.
  • It saves money on replacements for expensive machinery, re-runs to replace the spoiled product and occupational health or workman’s compensation claims due to injury.

Your operation deserves the best possible chance of success. The quality of your product is largely dependent on the quality of the products used in cleaning the area around its production. Our sales and support engineers here at Pescatech would be happy to consult with you if you need to evaluate your current disinfectant and health and safety requirements. Pescatech, where food safety is everything!


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