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Disinfectants Are an Important Part of the Cleansing Routine

Wipe a surface with a damp cloth and, to the unaided eye, it may appear to be spotlessly clean. However, should you run a swab over that same surface and then use it to innoculate a culture plate and place it in an incubator overnight, you are likely to be confronted by multiple colonies of bacteria of several different genera and species. Of course, not all of these will be pathogenic, but it takes surprisingly few pathogens to start an epidemic. This is why it is so important to use disinfectants when cleaning, especially if you operate a professional cleaning company.

In locations such as offices, restaurants, movie houses, and shopping malls, where people tend to gather en masse, there is an opportunity for bacteria to thrive and spread. Only by maintaining strict hygiene measures is it possible to minimise this type of hazard. Standard cleaning solutions are not necessarily bactericidal, so without the added protection provided by effective disinfectants, there is every chance that such hazards could persist.

While some superficial bacteria may be airborne, most have found their way on to surfaces as a result of touching. When other individuals subsequently touch a recently contaminated surface, they risk infection. Consequently, handwashing is as crucial to maintaining hygiene as keeping surfaces clean. Soap and water are effective for routine handwashing but the added security provided by an alcohol-based hand disinfectant more than justifies any added cost and effort.




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