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Draining is a process that removes water and other liquids from a certain area, especially to keep a flat surface dry. There are many uses for drainage systems in the food industry. Most importantly, these help prevent flooded floors and provide a way to get rid of unsanitary fluids. It is vital to avoid letting the drains get blocked or go long periods without a good scrub. People often forget about the dirt they cannot see, and a drainage system that is not regularly cleaned can easily become a huge health hazard.

Buy the Right Equipment for Your Business 

It is essential to look into specific systems if you are in the food manufacturing or service industry to ensure a hygienic work environment for employees and customers alike. A drainage system consists of many parts. Thus, it is a smart idea to purchase all pieces from one supplier, so you can be sure they fit and work well together. At Pescatech, we stock a range from the BLÜCHER brand, which has been around since 1965. The creator of this brand is Johannes BLÜCHER Skibild, who along with his wife started the production of gratings in their barn, after he had decided that a unique series of floor drain gratings was necessary.

This brand of floor drainage systems is of the highest quality and is sold in various countries all over the world. Thus, it is exactly what any food-related business needs to keep their kitchens and work areas clean and sanitary.

Parts that Go into the Set-Up

As mentioned, you require several pieces to complete the BLÜCHER drainage systems in your factory or shop.

Floor drainage systems consist of channels, which are installed into the floor to guide the liquids from point A to point Z. These systems are used to lessen the amount of singular drainage points across the surface area.

These are to be combined with gratings that cover the channels – we stock both mesh grating and the Hygienic Pro Grating. The latter has acquired its name due to it offering fewer spots for bacteria to grow than normal gratings, and it is also extremely easy to clean.

Apart from the floor channels and their gratings, we stock similar equipment for showers and other sections. These include drains, grease-traps, outlet filters, and additional products. An essential for any drain setup is the BLÜCHER filter basket, which helps to prevent clogging, as it only allows tiny particles and remnants access to the drainage systems.

Clean Drainage Systems on a Regular Basis 

Any drainage system, be it BLÜCHER or generic brands, can only be as sanitary as you make it. This means that without proper cleaning, these can harbour harmful germs. Thus, it is vital that you purchase cleaning supplies to regularly give your grating and other equipment a good washing. Feel free to speak to our representatives if you need advice or guidance on what cleaning products are best to buy and use in your sector.


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