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Drainage Systems That Perform Over Time

Food industry players know only too well the sheer volume of grease, limescale, and fatty deposits that can accumulate in any premises’ drainage system. Remarkably absent from our waking minds, the available drainage makes all the difference to hygienic processing spaces, and drainage systems’ design really counts when it comes to not just maintaining industry standards, but improving on them wherever possible too.

Indeed, the Romans might be credited with aqueduct engineering and normalising an expectation of waterborne sewerage, but even they would be impressed with how modern industry often handles large volumes of water in a highly efficient manner. Hard surfaces and purposeful design saturate the modern food processing plant, so we’ve come a long way since Rome thought itself fancy.

Install Fit-For-Purpose Drainage Systems

Pescatech supplies a range of drainage system solutions that boast superior performance due to rugged construction and smart design. Liquid waste needing elimination via a floor drain, or any manner of wastewater drainage, is met head-on by the Blücher stainless steel range of drains and drainage system components. Our flagship offering in wastewater handling, the Blücher range contains mesh grated and open channels, shower drains, filter baskets, water and waste traps, filters, as well as a superb selection of industrial and standard drains to suit all purposes.

Call on Pescatech when drainage solutions count-we’re ready and waiting with helpful advice, and spot-on product knowledge to get you sorted. For a smart, sleek, and wholly effective drainage system, call on Pescatech.




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