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Effective Drainage Is Essential in Many Industries

Wherever there is a chance that surface water may accumulate in excess, there is a possibility that humans may seek either to prevent it or to encourage it in order to facilitate a certain goal. Perhaps one of the most memorable examples of the latter option was the construction of the High Aswan Dam on Egypt’s River Nile which resulted in the creation of one of the world’s largest man-made lakes – Lake Nasser. By contrast, drainage schemes are constantly underway as humans worldwide attempt to reclaim marshlands for their own purposes. On a smaller scale, a similar type of exercise is taking place indoors as homeowners and industrialists strive to eliminate unwanted liquid from their premises.

Except in the most remote rural areas, municipalities have provided a central infrastructure in the form of sewer systems whose purpose is to collect domestic and industrial effluents for transfer to water-treatment plants. In homes and factories, more sophisticated drainage equipment is required in order to collect the excess liquids at source and deliver them into the underground sewers. For this purpose, a wide range of standard and purpose-built equipment is available for installation.

If water is allowed to accumulate unchecked, especially if it contains contaminants such as particles of food, it can soon turn stagnant, providing the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. This, of course, means that not only is an effective drainage system necessary to keep things dry underfoot, but it is just as important as a basic hygiene measure. Because of its high resistance to corrosion and abrasion and the ease with which it can be cleaned, stainless steel is the ideal choice of material for the manufacture of this type of equipment and is used by all leading manufacturers.

Recognised throughout the world as a leader in its field, Blücher is a manufacturer of pipes, channels, and floor drains either as standard products or built to the user’s specification. All units are designed to provide high flow capacity and to require only the minimum of maintenance. In conjunction with filter baskets, sand buckets, grease traps, and glass separators, Blücher drainage systems are used in a wide range of industrial and commercial settings as well as in the home.

Because of their hygienic and anti-corrosive qualities, these systems have become a popular choice for use in both the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries as well as in hospitals and restaurants across the world. They are also to be found in a variety of public facilities including airports, sports arenas, shopping malls, gyms, hotels, and schools.

However, in practice, one of the crucially important uses for drainage systems arises not on land but at sea. Whether you are a worker on an offshore drilling rig, a serving member of the country’s navy, a yacht owner, or a passenger on a cruise vessel or ferry, you will be reliant upon facilities such as galleys, showers, washbasins, and toilets, all of which require efficient drains. The last place one would want to experience a flood is aboard a marine vessel.

In South Africa, the world-class components of Blücher drainage systems for both industrial and domestic use are available from Pescatech. We will determine your needs and install an effective solution.




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