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Spillages are a common occurrence in any kitchen and these are events which, in the home, can usually be dealt with effectively with the help of nothing more elaborate than a mop or a damp cloth. But in commercial kitchens and areas where processed foods are prepared, there is a need for exceptional standards of hygiene.

Spillages can not only leave surfaces slippery and unsafe for personnel but they can also encourage bacterial growth, endangering product safety. In the food industry, professional washdown equipment is the only means to ensure that adequate hygiene standards are maintained.

The use of mops and brooms may be sufficient to reduce any immediate danger posed by a slippery floor. However, in order to attain the level of cleanliness required in a commercial kitchen, more stringent cleansing measures will be necessary to ensure that every last trace of residual food is removed, not just from floors but from walls and work surfaces also. Foam sprayers, water guns, and pressure hoses are typical of the washdown equipment employed by the food industry for this purpose.

All these items listed above, together with the various connectors, nozzles, and other accessories required for their effective operation, are essential to hotels, restaurants, and food-processing companies as components of their heavy-duty washdown equipment. These and other items are all available in South Africa from Pescatech, a local leader in the vital field of food safety.




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