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September 2016 | Sunday 02:47

We keep you on the road and in the clear. Our biggest supplier, Vikan, boasts the only cleaning system specially and solely designed for the transport sector, with more than 50 high-quality cleaning tools to choose from.

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September 2016 | Sunday 02:46

It is essential that your washroom is spotlessly clean, aesthetically pleasing and odour free. Our top-of-the-range, hygienic washroom range ensures that your customers can leave the washroom feeling refreshed.

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September 2016 | Sunday 02:45

Benefit from effective cleaning solutions to real-life challenges in the supermarket sector. Our hands-on approach has earned us an unparalleled reputation for delivering the desired results.

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September 2016 | Sunday 02:44

Radically reduce health risks to your staff and ensure their safety with our comprehensive range of products and equipment, designed to limit the extent and impact if an accident were to occur.

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September 2016 | Sunday 01:42

With strict guidelines to adhere to, the kitchen and restaurant industry poses high standards to be met. Our hands-on approach and effective cleaning solutions make light work out of these potentially disruptive challenges.

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