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The Benefits of Quality Floorcare Cleaning Equipment

Scoops, scrapers, spatulas, buckets, brooms, and brushes – what would janitorial staff do without these essential tools to guarantee quality floorcare? Creating a safe and healthy indoor space for ensuring the safety and well-being of their employees, customers, or patrons is important for any food and beverage (F&B) or industry-related business. Owners and staff agree that starting with a hygienically clean floor and a decent drainage system will help in preventing contamination in other areas of the business and maintain a high level of cleanliness.Floorcare Cleaning Equipment

The Covid-19 pandemic brought consciousness related to the spreading of germs, illness, and harmful bacteria through ignorant hygienic procedures in public spaces. As a result, many people have increased expectations when it comes to cleanliness when buying food and drinks, specifically in the F&B manufacturing and restaurant industries. Post-lockdown, people want to know that enough is being done in the workplace to ensure that there is a measure of safety when consuming food. That is where quality floorcare comes in!

At Pescatech, it has been our mission to source and import only superior-quality cleaning equipment and consumables since our inception in 1995. In this article, we will discuss a few of the advantages of using quality floorcare and why you should consider including them in your janitorial equipment.


5 Benefits of Utilising Quality Floorcare Cleaning Equipment

The key to tackling the heightened awareness around health and cleanliness begins from the floor up, as it is one of the most used surfaces in any food-production business. Here’s why you need quality floor-cleaning equipment:


  1. Efficient Floorcare Supports Good Health:

    Dirt, dust, and harmful bacteria may be carried in from the outdoors on shoes and clothing. Although these pollutants may land on many surfaces, the floor is where most of them settle. This can cause the spread of allergens, germs, and even toxic pollutants and correct cleaning with quality equipment can help to eliminate this.


  1. Improves Air Quality:

    Apart from dust and dirt that may become airborne, depending on the floor surface, cracks, joins, and creases may provide space for mould to grow that release spores if not cleaned regularly. Employees and patrons could inhale these particles, which could cause respiratory problems. Sufficient airflow and floor cleaning might prevent these occurrences.


  1. Prevents Workman’s Compensation or Civil Lawsuit Claims:

    Dirty or wet floor surfaces can increase the risk of slips and falls for both employees and patrons, which could lead to serious injury. If there is a spillage of water, oil, or other slippery ingredients, it can lead to a fall. This could lead to workman’s compensation claims or personal liability suits.


  1. Extends the Life of Your Flooring:

    Abrasive particles, sand, and dirt might scratch and damage floors over time, causing cracks and crevices for bacteria to breed. Correct cleaning advice, materials, and chemicals will guide you to prevent excessive damage and extend the life of your flooring.


  1. Prevents Cross-Contamination:

    Clean floors can help prevent the spread of germs and other harmful bacteria from one working area to another. Perhaps one of the most feared occurrences in any F&B factory is the contamination of a batch of product. Using the correct, quality tools and cleaning chemicals can help prevent cross-contamination.


Find Superior Cleaning Solutions in South Africa Right Here

The expert cleaning engineers at Pescatech travel the globe, developing partnerships, building relationships, and learning from the best, internationally renowned brand names in our trade, including names like Vikan, Blücher, Black is Green, Roser, and Endura. We have taken everything we have learned and applied it directly to the Southern African marketplace to deliver only the best service, products, and advice. Floor Cleaning Kit

When it comes to quality floorcare equipment, we do not compromise quality for quantity. Although we will always have sufficient stock to assist you with all your cleaning-equipment needs, we will never compromise on quality. For example, our Vikan hygiene system is one of the most comprehensive and advanced cleaning systems in the world. We import this equipment from Denmark, and it is ISO certified.

It includes more than 100 different janitorial cleaning tools – each specifically designed for a specific cleaning function, including manual floorcare in industrial and warehouse environments. These tools are all Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) compliant and are available in 10 bright, identifiable colours for use in different sectors of your operation. Additionally, they can be encased in convenient, transportable shadow board cages. If this article has influenced your thoughts on quality floorcare cleaning equipment available to you at cost-efficient prices, contact us for a consultation today or simply peruse our website and shop online.


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