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Regardless of the industry you are in or the facility the company occupies, floorcare is the one area of janitorial duties that cannot be ignored. Industrial factory and manufacturing facility floors are subjected to the worst types of wear and tear daily, from heavy machinery and constant foot traffic to exposure to harsh chemicals, grease, and grime. If not correctly and regularly maintained, this can lead to a build-up of dirt and stains, potentially damaging the surface permanently.

In this article, as the leading floorcare specialists in South Africa, we at Pescatech will briefly discuss a few of the benefits of regular floor cleaning and explore some of the proven strategies that may assist you in maintaining perfectly clean floors.


4 Benefits of Regular Floorcare

Although the benefits are many for regular floorcare, there are a few that are vital for various reasons. These may include:

Reduced Risk of Accidents: Wet or slippery floors are a major health and safety concern in any industry. Clean and dry floors reduce the risk of on-duty injuries, slips, and falls, which may lead to unnecessary medical bills and even legal actions.

Extended Floor Life: Whether you own the premises or not, repairing floors will lead to production shutdowns and associated consequential losses. Looking after these surfaces through structured floor cleaning schedules may prolong the life of the surface.

Improved Air Quality: Dirt, dust, germs, and finer particles kicked up from the floor can remain airborne for extended periods if not attended to regularly. They can circulate in the air, causing allergies and potentially inducing asthma attacks and other respiratory ailments.

Aesthetically Pleasing: A well-maintained floor lends to an aesthetically pleasing facility. Employees will be proud to work there, and the production area will look presentable if existing or potential clients want to inspect the facility.

The above being said, it is difficult to introduce floor cleaning regimes and clean facility practices if you do not know how to complete these functions. Although there are many ways to clean floors, there are a few basic, proven strategies to get you started.Floorcare I Spotless Surfaces


5 Proven Strategies for Spotlessly Clean Floors in Any Industry

Techniques for the cleaning process will vary widely depending on several factors, including the specific needs of the facility and the type of flooring you have. Ensure that you have the correct cleaning chemicals and detergents to match your floor type, as incorrect products could damage the floor further.

Once you have the correct products and equipment, there are fool-proof ways to clean floors. Here are five proven steps of cleaning used to complete this operation:

Sweeping and Hand Brushing: These basic but effective functions help to remove loose dirt and debris from most surfaces, leaving more stubborn grease and grime visible, especially in hard-to-reach nooks and crannies.

 Vacuuming: This machine can be more effective when tackling loose dirt and dust, especially from concrete, cement, and tiled floors. This method is also more successful than sweeping when it comes to carpeting or material-based floor tiles. Additionally, it removes silt, loose pieces of grout, and finer dust particles that otherwise would simply be shuffled through the air.

 Mopping, Wiping, and Scrubbing: This is the first water stage of the process and can be very effective even when only used with a mild detergent solution. Scrubbing would be a more aggressive way to remove tough grease and grime.

 Pressure Washing and Chemical Cleaning: For severe stains, oil, grease, and grime, a pressure washer would be needed to power the dirt away. It is a good way to clean heavily soiled floors. If hazardous materials are used in your production process, it is also advisable to deep clean surfaces with the aid of chemicals.

Ensure Floors are Dry: Whether bucketed water, damp mops, or pressure washers are used to clean your floors, ensure that they are completely dry before workers re-enter the area. You could use a squeegee or mop to assist in drying the floors, or you could simply let them air dry.


Need to Find Cleaning Equipment for Effective Floorcare?

At Pescatech, we are the leading supplier of professional quality cleaning products and services in South Africa. We travel the globe to learn from our suppliers and apply what we have learned to provide our customers with the latest hygiene solutions, knowledge, and technologies known to the industry.

We also offer a full range of janitorial solutions and services to keep your floors and surfaces spotlessly clean. Join our national community today, contact us, and experience the Pescatech difference when it comes to floorcare.


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