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Can Your Cleaning Equipment Affect Your HACCP Compliance? 

What does it mean to be HACCP compliant? This is a management system that’s used all around the globe to guarantee that safe practises are used in businesses associated with food. The full wording for it is Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point.

To be HACCP compliant means that your company follows the correct rules, regulations, and procedures in order to ensure that edible products from your factory are fine to consume.

This system specifically tackles the risks related to processing, supplying, producing, and making food products, which means that, yes, your cleaning equipment is directly related to it. The points that this system aims to control and oversee can include physical, as well as biological and chemical hazards.

Where to Buy HACCP-Compliant Equipment in South Africa

HACCPIn order to make sure your business only creates non-hazardous consumables from which customers won’t catch food-borne illnesses, you should consider buying from a store that sells HACCP-compliant cleaning equipment. However, any supplier can claim that their products follow the rules of being food safe. So, how do you know if it really is?

Pescatech supplies more than 3000 different clients with high-quality hygiene solutions and cleaning equipment. We also stock well-known brands in the industry, such as Vikan and BLÜCHER, which assures you that the products we sell are of a trustworthy nature, and a quick online search will back that up.

If you are unsure about any seller that says their equipment is HACCP compliant, check the history and reliability as follows:

  • Confirm their quality by seeing what previous buyers say through reviews and ratings.
  • Browse their web page for any big names in the food industry that they supply to.
  • See if you recognise any of the product brands they sell, and if not, try and find more info on other sites.
  • Get in contact with a store representative and question them on the food health and safety act and how their cleaning supplies meet the standards thereof. 

As leaders in the industry, we at Pescatech urge you to do your own research by browsing our hygiene solutions and cleaning supplies. Also confirm our eligibility of supplying HACCP-compliant equipment through seeing the ample large company names that make use of our products on our home page.

Why Buy HACCP-Compliant Equipment?

Apart from the fact that these cleaning supplies will add to the safety in production, manufacturing, and other food-related practices, this type of equipment is generally more durable and long-lasting than non-food-grade products. This is in order to ensure they don’t break while working with food and contaminate the consumables by accident. HACCP-compliant equipment also helps to make the process of cleaning easier and faster through the designs being more energy efficient as the system calls for ample cleaning and quality checks to be done regularly.

Want to know more? Contact us and let our representatives assist you in learning about the right procedures and cleaning equipment to use in your food-related business.

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