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If you are new to the food service industry, you might want to read up on safety and hygiene regulations, as well as related aspects, such as HACCP equipment. This is one trade where following standard rules is of the utmost importance to ensure the health and safety of customers and employees alike.

What is HACCP?

It is the abbreviation for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. At Pescatech, we specialise in supplying quality hygiene and cleaning products and equipment fit for the demanding standards of the food industry.

Be Smart – Buy from a Trusted Supplier

Pescatech has over 20 years’ experience in the distribution of superior cleaning products. As the chosen supplier for over 3000 clients in South Africa, we are a brand you can trust. Our team promises to keep up with the latest technology for the cleaning sector, and to stock sufficient supplies to meet your company’s requirements. We make the ordering process easy and provide you with guidelines. Visit our order guide for help in ordering from us online.

With HACCP equipment being important to everyone in food production, you cannot buy it from simply anyone. Just imagine thinking your cold storage is sanitary, and then having to deal with the issue of customers who have fallen ill because they have consumed your meat products.

The legal implications can become dire and it can cost a fortune to clear your name. You can say your cleaning staff is at fault for not doing their job correctly, but without proper equipment and chemicals, there is bound to be microscopic germs left after the scrubbing is done. Avoid these situations by purchasing equipment and products from a trustworthy supplier.

Browse our list of soaps and disinfectants to keep things sanitary all around. Also see the kits available to add to your employee arsenal.

Discover Automated Hygiene Solutions 

Another extremely important part of HACCP is the cleanliness of said staff members. It does not help you have a spotless warehouse or plant while workers carry in bacteria on their clothes, hands, and feet. Although you cannot regulate where your workers go before and between shifts, you can make sure they are uncontaminated when entering your premises. Below are three devices that can assist in keeping employees hygienic in the workplace:

  • SaniCompact
  • SaniCompact Plus
  • Sanieco Plus

All three these innovative machines feature turn-style access control, which forces staff to wash-up before entering the designated area. With both the SaniCompact and SaniCompact Plus, it only takes nine seconds for a person to go through the process. The Sanieco plus option is not far behind with 18 seconds per wash. They all include foot baths for sanitising shoes, automatic hand wash features, drying with paper towels, and hand sanitizer functions. The best part is the door will not open until the worker has completed all stages of the process. This makes it great for getting rebellious staff members, who do not follow company rules, to comply.

Pescatech stocks many more automated solutions to speed up processes in your business. Keep your food premises safe. Buy the best HACCP equipment from us today.




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