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Some things persist because they find a sweet spot in our lives where we find them really useful and do not want to do without them. Think of the computer mouse, around for decades, and still a desirable tool for most. In every arena, in fact, tech or automation has been growing over the last 30 years, and in the realm of hygiene, equipment and methodologies are always being refined and improved. Hygiene is by definition a zero tolerance of germs and dirt, and just like many other aspects of daily life, the systems and tools of commercial hygiene are always evolving towards absolute cleanliness.

Anyone over 40 will no doubt have a story about a terrible hand dryer they used to use somewhere, but as one of the electronic components of modern hygiene, these machines have been improving like everything else. Just like almost all other modern technology, research and development keeps improving janitorial equipment all over the world, and in a highly connected fraternity, best practice from somewhere soon becomes best practice everywhere. What is the difference between the old grinding hand dryers and a modern hand dryer? For one thing, they work! The modern hand dryer is extremely effective. Today’s hand dryers run smoothly and are stylish and modern, with greater ergonomic application and better performance to boot.

Buying from Professionals Solves a Lot of Issues

A hand dryer was one of those items we used to see out of service for a while at times. That is because the component or spares side of supply was not always as efficient as it should have been. That too is passé in the modern hygiene arena. Buying from a reputable supplier lets you eliminate the hassles around components when needed, as well as confidently schedule maintenance based on working hours. That is because truly professional suppliers will sell only quality hygiene equipment, the kind that has undergone extensive research and development, and can stand by its rating and listed performance.

Indeed, when shopping for hygiene solutions, quality is paramount. The devices in play usually service many users, have high traffic, and need to perform their job effectively and without breakdown on an ongoing basis. That old hand dryer that stood idle for a month or two down at the local mall is a thing of the past, but it was certainly inconvenient when it happened. Modern basic amenities and cleanliness need to be fully functional, especially in a business environment.

Pescatech is Hygiene Made Simple and Smart

For the best in janitorial equipment and hygiene solutions up to and including automated hygiene stations, come to Pescatech first, and walk straight into top-of-the-line gear. All the products are refined tools that meet our clients’ needs, and we sell only quality goods. The best of the modern hand dryer styles and performances is available from Pescatech, and we are all about keeping your plant, factory, office, or mall clean and sanitary with an extensive range of gear.

Call us or mail us, but get us on board for the best in hygiene solutions. Let us show you what clean and smart really looks like.



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