How colour coded zones can improve your staff’s productivity

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January 2019 | Tuesday 09:55

Having colour coded zones around a business or industrial area is an effective way to minimise confusion and cross-contamination when dealing with specialised products or substances. From reducing the chances of incident and accident, to guiding staff through the facility, colour coding is an effective way to control your environment.

Although it is not yet a requirement in the modern business environment, colour-coding can perfectly illustrate the level of dedication a company has to both its staff’s safety, as well as product quality. Whether dealing with food-quality goods or more industrial elements, from beverage to dairy, pharmaceutical to food processing, coding your areas by colour ensures that everything stays in its place and nothing interrupts the business process.

Often used to distinguish cleaning routes or controlled areas, even differentiating between different routes for a host of processes, coloured zones are an ideal guide for an efficient business or factory floor. These colour codes can also be transferred to other elements – tools that belong in a certain area can be marked with that specific colour, showing where it belongs.

Even for businesses that may not rely on an industrial functionality, the colour coded zones work just as well for staff allocations. Whether dealing with equipment, task allocation or even fire drills and bathroom areas, colour coded zones ensures that everyone know their applicable areas and responsibilities. Designate workspaces, even when zoning isn’t applicable, such as colour-coding for particular shifts. This is particularly helpful to companies that closely monitor tool and performance costs. This type of colour coding can help in reducing incidence or misuse of tools in unapproved areas, as well as ensure a more efficient team structure in staff allocations.

Zoning of this nature can also reduce waste and optimise productivity by using colour-coding as part of your design. Waste can be managed effectively and resources can be used more efficiently. This method of colour-coding promotes a workplace culture where tools and supplies are placed where they are needed and well maintained for longevity of use. A fantastic way to manage and direct your workplace productivity, it is important to take the time to plan a system that makes sense for you and your specific work. Each plant and facility is different, but with effective use of zoning, you can guarantee a smooth running operation at all times.

Critical control points should be identified with the appropriate colour to assure all are aware of the care needed in that area. This allows you to easily determine when colour-coded work items have been misplaced and items can be tracked with greater ease, as well as ensure that all workers are in their designated areas. When contamination is a concern, having strict zones is a sure way to protect the process.

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