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Hygiene Products – Protecting the Nation’s Food Supply

While the demand for the fresh produce supplied by butchers and greengrocers persists, the bulk of the foodstuffs we consume today have been prepared in factories. We are also a nation that likes to eat out, favouring everything from fast foods such as burgers and pizza to gourmet dining. Whether eating out or at home, the safety of our meals is dependent upon the use of effective hygiene products by the staff of food-processing plants and restaurants.

While there is no evidence that it can be transmitted by food, the current concerns raised by the Coronavirus serves to remind us that, without stringent precautions, other pathogens such as Listeria can also take their toll on human life. To prevent a repetition of the listeriosis outbreak during 2017 and 2018 or similar incidents involving Salmonella or E. coli, it is not only necessary to clean all preparation surfaces and the surrounding areas but the various hygiene products employed for this purpose must also be kept scrupulously clean.

Day-to-day tools used in the industry such as pipe cleaners, scoops, scrapers and mixers must not only be visibly clean, but sterile. This means that they must be made from materials that are able to withstand the temperature of superheated steam in an autoclave – the only way to ensure freedom from live bacteria and spores. With the backing of 25 years of experience, Pescatech is a preferred supplier of hygiene products to the local food industry.




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