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In the wake of the pandemic and the ongoing adaptation to a “new normal,” cleanliness is more important than ever and many companies need to realise a fresh hygiene solution approach to their cleaning routines and the equipment they use. With the threat of germs and viruses still fresh in the minds of many, businesses need to take steps to ensure that their premises are neat, clean, and hygienic at all times. This is especially important in the food and beverage (F&B) and related industries, where cross-contamination can lead to serious health issues.

At Pescatech, we are the leading provider of the perfect hygiene solution for businesses of all sizes. We offer a niche, specialised but broad range of products and services that can help to improve your hygiene standards and create a safer environment for both your employees and customers. But let us first explore the importance of hygiene in your establishment before we discuss elevating cleanliness standards with innovative hygiene solutions.


The Importance of Cleanliness as a Hygiene Solution

Apart from mentioning COVID-19 and stating the obvious, there are many reasons why cleanliness is important for any business. Here are four of them:

  • Reduces the Spread of Disease: Cleanliness in your establishment can help to prevent the spread of germs and airborne viruses that can cause illnesses. This means that you need to take a front-to-back-door approach to your hygiene solution, and this includes outside trash dumps.
  • Improves Employee Health and Productivity: A clean working environment can help to improve employee health and productivity by reducing absenteeism due to illness. Moreover, workers are far more likely to enjoy their workspace when it is neat, clean, and free of dirt and grime.
  • Improves Customer Satisfaction: Excellent service and wonderful customer relations are only a small part of retaining your clientele. Customers are far more likely to return and be satisfied with a business that displays a clean and hygienic environment coupled with friendly smiles.
  • Protects Your Reputation: Your name and reputation are customer-retention magnets, and word-of-mouth is your best advertisement. However, a dirty or unsanitary business can damage your reputation irreparably and make it difficult to attract new customers. This is not only relevant in front-of-house operations but includes preparation areas, meeting areas, and ablution facilities.


How Pescatech Can Help You with a Superior Hygiene Solution

Introducing Vikan cleaning equipment. Vikan has been producing professional-grade cleaning tools since their inception in 1898. They are the world’s leading supplier of cleaning tools and insight for the F&B industry and other hygiene-sensitive working environments. Additionally, they have the largest library on the science of cleaning tools worldwide, spanning back over 100 years.

However, what really sets them apart is that they are unique in the professional cleaning tool industry in that they incorporate customers into their product development work, which sets new standards for hygienic cleaning and cleaning efficiency.

At Pescatech, we are an official distributor of Vikan products in South Africa and we have travelled the globe researching our products and brands, learning from our suppliers as we have grown and dispensing this knowledge in the South African marketplace. Moreover, we have developed the ideal hygiene solution for companies of all sizes and in most industries.

Hygiene Solution

The Pescatech 360* Hygiene Solution

Our 360* Hygiene Solution development service is a comprehensive offering that helps businesses achieve their hygiene goals. With more than two decades of experience in the cleaning industry, we provide tailored solutions to overcome even the most challenging hygiene obstacles.

Our expertise encompasses solution development, bespoke element design and construction, on-site installation, and performance monitoring. This, together with our range of Vikan cleaning products and other internationally renowned, name-brand cleaning equipment, will save you both time and money.

We are completely committed to providing our customers with only superior-quality products and services. Furthermore, we are also committed to providing our customers with education and training and even assisting with compliance audits. This will keep them ahead of the game when it comes to health regulations and hygienic cleanliness throughout their facility.  


Why do You Need to Partner with Pescatech?

At Pescatech, we have made it our business to keep learning about each market, as well as any new developments, so that we can continue to fulfil all our clients’ needs. But it is our passion for cleaning that has elevated us to No.1 in our industry. Our commitment to excellence has remained steadfast, ensuring that you receive the most effective, technologically advanced cleaning products and brands available.

If you are looking for a partner to help improve your hygiene standards, contact us for a no-obligation consultation.


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