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Advanced Hygiene Systems for the Food and Beverage Industry


While the food consumed by the citizens of industrialised nations may be natural in its origin, most of it will have undergone extensive processing before finding its way into homes and on to dining tables. Processing involves extensive handling and results in products that may be stored for long periods before they are consumed. As a consequence, effective hygiene systems are essential to eliminate contamination within the food and beverage industry.

The need will often begin in the abattoir and continue in processing factories and restaurants where both processed foods and fresh produce are prepared for the table. While, in such locations, any form of contamination needs to be avoided, it is perhaps the risk of introducing pathogenic microorganisms that poses the greatest threat, driving the need to ensure that the workspace is spotlessly clean before and after it is used. Normal domestic measures are insufficient for such purposes which require the deep-cleansing properties of professional hygiene systems.

Wherever foodstuffs are manufactured or meals are prepared, surface contamination is a constant threat. Typically, work surfaces are made from stainless steel and walls and floors are tiled to facilitate the cleaning process. Making the job easier is a good first step but ensuring that the cleansing process is as effective as possible is even more important. To achieve this requires the use of high-quality, industrial-strength equipment, accessories, and cleaning agents that, together, form the essential components of professional hygiene systems.

Just as the workplace must be hygienically clean, the need for personal cleanliness on the part of those employed to work in it is equally essential. This requires the use of more specialised washroom facilities than perhaps those deemed adequate in other occupations. Roller towels and even disposable paper towels are no match for the rapid, drip-free hand dryers that serve to eliminate all need for physical contact and which should, therefore, be considered an essential component of any effective hygiene system.

While the needs of those in the food and beverage industry are essentially similar, they are not necessarily identical. To begin with, the work premises can differ quite widely and so it is a good idea to conduct a preliminary assessment of any such site in order to identify all the possible sources of risk and to decide on how best to eliminate each of them. In addition, providing all of the most effective tools and cleaning materials will only be helpful if employees understand how they must be used. Though often overlooked, staff training is an important factor in determining the effectiveness of hygiene systems. So, who can you rely on for such a complete cleansing solution?

With the experience gained from serving the food and beverage industry for more than 20 years, Pescatech now boasts a client portfolio that includes such prestigious international brands as Nestlé, Coca-Cola, and KFC, as well as a string of leading local names that includes Pioneer Foods, Sea Harvest, Clover, Simba, and Ocean Basket. From the assessment and training stages to the supply of equipment and materials from the world’s leading manufacturers, Pescatech offers access to the most comprehensive and effective professional hygiene systems currently available in South Africa.


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