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Bakery cleaning equipment is one of the many must-haves for bakers who wish to keep their bakeries spick-and-span. It is also the only way to ensure productivity stays on par with the high demand of customers during busy days. Everyone who has ever worked in the food industry knows there is no room for rest or error during the rush hours. Having the proper kit to swiftly clean up after a mess is crucial. No customers want to buy edibles from an unsanitary kitchen.

What Type of Cleaning Equipment Do you Need?

In the food industry, you cannot afford to buy poor-quality supplies for health and safety purposes. You have to buy from a reputable supplier that has your best interests at heart, like Pescatech. There are many specific hygiene requirements to fulfil in this industry. The type of washing and scrubbing products to buy will depend on the size and conditions of your bakery. However, there are some basic items that every store needs.

Standard kits and tools include:

  • Floor Cleaning Kit and Cleaning Kit 4 – These two sets are a great combination purchase to keep floors dust and spill free. The first includes your plain mop and a 6 litre bucket. The second is a bit more advanced. It comes with 2 x speed clean microfiber mop pieces and a single speed clean mop frame with a separate handle. This mopping solution is perfect for washing during work hours. Also included in this package is a large double bucket trolley for making your regular wet-mopping go faster. You can also opt for Cleaning Kit 5, which comes with two heavy-duty damp mop cloths, a frame, and handle. This product bundle, furthermore, includes three lustre cloths and a wet-floor sign to top it off.
  • Window Cleaning Kit – In this package, you will find everything required to wash windows without hassle. It includes one wash fur and holder, as well as a packet of 10 multi-purpose cloths. By using this equipment, there will be no more struggling to keep marks off mirrors and glass with crunched-up newspapers.
  • Cleaning Kit 2 – This one is a necessity to keep your hands cleaner when sweeping up dust and dirt. Instead of your regular scoop and brush, it is equipped with an upright dustpan and lobby broom. Additionally, you get two more microfibre cloths when purchasing this product.

Make it easier for yourself and buy soaps and disinfectants to go along with the equipment from us as well. By maintaining a spotless look in the storefront, you already give off the impression that your kitchen is hygienic and your food is of better quality. You will still need some industry-specific bakery cleaning equipment to keep machinery, dishware, and utensils in the back area sanitary.

Special Bakery Cleaning Equipment

Remember, what the customers do not see is where you must take extra care to keep things germ-free. Filthy baking gear can do more harm than dirty windows and floors – not to mention cost you dearly if an inspector finds that your kitchen is not up to the hygiene standards as required by law. View our catalogue for pipe cleaners, hoses, scrub brushes, and more.

You can shop for all bakery cleaning equipment supplies in one place at Pescatech. Get in touch and find out everything you need to know to place an order.




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