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Cleaner Spaces, Better Business: The Benefits of Investing in Quality Cleaning Equipment

Is investing in quality cleaning equipment worth it? Absolutely! Modern technology is there to be used and advancements in these areas have shown that science and advancements in janitorial tools simplify the cleaning process. Whether you are involved in the food and beverage (F&B) or its affiliated industries, or you are a procurement director for a warehouse or commercial factory, maintaining a clean working area is essential. Premium grade cleaning products

The use of quality cleaning equipment can make the cleaning and hygienic disinfection process easy and efficient. Business owners, specifically in the F&B industry, know that they need to ensure the cleanliness of both their employees and the work environment that they work in, and some invest wisely with reputable suppliers. Others, however, might purchase off-the-shelf supplies as they need them, with little regard for hygiene or quality.

Our professional cleaning engineers at Pescatech have been supplying superior-quality cleaning equipment to our clients for decades. We know that the better you are armed with knowledge, advice, and high-quality supplies, the better you can maintain a clean and well-maintained space for your staff to function. Here are some of the many benefits of using quality cleaning equipment and why you should consider investing in them.


5 Advantages of Investing in Superior-Quality Cleaning Equipment

Any business, whether it is related to the F&B industry or not, can benefit from using superior cleaning equipment. If you are producing food or beverages, are involved with janitorial duties in a large factory or warehouse, or simply are a front-of-house janitorial procurement manager in a consumer store, you will want to offer the best hygienic environments and customer experiences that you can deliver. Here is how you might achieve this objective: Contingency Cleaning Products

  • Save on Expenses: Using quality cleaning equipment will save you money over time. Purchasing off-the-shelf janitorial equipment may lead you down the rabbit hole of quality versus quantity. You may find yourself having to buy cleaning utensils a lot more often if you do not consider quality.


  • Cheap is Not Cheaper: Cheaper versions of the same products may be made from inferior materials and might not last as long. Additionally, they may inadvertently contaminate product batches by having bristles or plastic parts breaking off into cooking ovens, preparation areas, or urns. Professionally manufactured products will offer strength, quality, and longevity. Buying once and saving thrice helps with reducing expenses and cost control.
  • Safety and Security: By using professional-grade equipment, owners and janitorial staff can ensure that all of a work facility’s needs are met. It ensures that the facility is not only clean but also safe. At Pescatech, we offer colour-coded, superior-quality cleaning solutions through Vikan. A Vikan cleaning kit may be encased in a convenient shadow board cage, all colour-coded to be used in a specific location, increasing safety and security.
  • Prevent Cross-Contamination: A full red set of brushes, brooms, mops, and other equipment might be encased in a mobile cage of the same colour to represent the cleaning division of the ablution facilities. A green combination of the same make-up could represent the manufacturing department, and a yellow set might represent deliveries or dispatch, and so on. This helps to prevent cross-contamination between departments, especially in the F&B industry.
  • Availability – Quality and Quantity on Your Doorstep: Internationally recognised companies with long-standing reputations offer world-class quality on your doorstep. At Pescatech, we have accumulated a large network of these industry-related suppliers and agencies. Access to this knowledge and manufacturing expertise allows us to supply quality in quantity and we will always have stock if you need it, when you need it.


Find Vikan and Other Superior Cleaning Equipment in South Africa – Where Quantity Meets Quality

There is no debating with our experts at Pescatech. We insist on supplying only the best quality cleaning products to our customers. We offer a full range of colour-coded Vikan cleaning tools and other products from internationally renowned brand suppliers. From Vikan brooms, brushes, buckets, scoops, scrapers, and shovels to SaniCompact automated employee hygiene access and hands-free automated hand-dryers, we have a solution to every cleaning challenge. With our knowledgeable experts, friendly advice, and excellent after-sales service, there is rarely a hygienic challenge that we cannot solve.

We travel the globe and continue to learn from our suppliers (some of whom have been producing globally acknowledged products for more than a century) and diligently apply everything we have learned to the South African food-processing industry. Additionally, we supply a full range of janitorial solutions and services among our offerings. Join our happy, recurring community of national supporters today. At Pescatech, we will help you ensure food safety.

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