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The hygiene and sanitation industry has constantly evolved over the last few decades, with new apparatus, technologies, products, and cleaning equipment emerging all the time. In recent years, there has been a growing focus on innovation in the cleaning industry, as companies strive to develop more efficient, effective, advanced, and sustainable cleaning products and solutions.

Although one of the key trends in the cleaning equipment marketplace today is the development of ride-on and autonomous cleaning machines, which are capable of cleaning vast areas quickly, some of the principal advancements have been seen in smaller janitorial equipment, like brooms, brushes, buckets, and mops.Cleaning Equipment I Industry Trends

These include advancements in hand sanitation, hand drying, boot cleaning, and other equipment that has assisted manufacturing operations in keeping their workers and premises hygienically clean and sanitised. Since, regardless of the advancements in automation for vast area cleaning solutions, there will always be room for cleaning equipment that can extend into hard-to-reach places and smaller work areas.

In this article, our specialist cleaning professionals at Pescatech will explore hygiene and sanitation equipment and the importance of acquiring premium-quality cleaning equipment for your industrial workplace – especially for food and beverage and related industries.


Importance of Premium-Quality Janitorial Cleaning Equipment

Off-the-shelf cleaning equipment certainly has its purpose and is effective in areas like cleaning domestic properties and small office areas. However, when it comes to more sterile environments like those found in the pharmaceutical, medical, consumer, and food and beverage industries, there is no room for inferior-quality cleaning equipment. The smallest inefficiency can lead to cross-contamination. Bristles may dislodge into food mixtures and contaminated plastics may perish, crack, and break off into manufacturing equipment and more.

At Pescatech, we have travelled the globe searching for superior-quality janitorial cleaning products and equipment. Our comprehensive range of products has a history dating back to 1995. Our partners in sanitation, Vikan, have the most extensive research in cleaning solutions internationally and are the world’s leading supplier of hygienic cleaning tools. They produce their products using the most advanced materials and technology and this provides us with a full portfolio of globally respected products that we pass on to the South African marketplace.

Products are colour-coded to assist in preventing cross-contamination between departments and confusion about which tool should be used where. Our proud partnership with Vikan affords us the prestigious opportunity to not only remain on top of cleaning equipment trends but to set them.


What of the Workers?

Maintaining clean and sanitised preparation areas and manufacturing equipment between shifts or product batches, or at other prescheduled times, is a vital part of a successful hygiene-sensitive facility and helps to prevent the spread of foodborne illnesses. However, if employees are not educated and regulated in hygiene and sanitation practices, the results could be just as catastrophic.

Innovation and invention have led to the manufacture of automated staff sanitation facilities. From automated soap dispensers, hand washing stations, and hand drying equipment like our Machflow M09ACS or our Dualflow Plus range of hand dryers to our automated hands and sole washing combos like our SaniCompact range, we are proud to carry some of the most cost-effective, practical, space-saving, and trendsetting worker hygiene stations.               

Moreover, bottling plants carry the additional risk of contamination from reusable crates. These items are essential for transporting bottled products and are often stored in unhygienic environments. For this, we offer our automated, 700 crates/hour crate washer.   


Superior-Quality Cleaning Equipment through Pescatech

At Pescatech, our 360° Hygiene Solution Development service is a comprehensive approach to assisting our valued customers in achieving their hygiene and sanitation goals. With knowledge, tutorage, and coaching drawn from our internationally recognised partners and our more than two decades of experience in the cleaning industry, we have acquired the expertise to provide cleaning solutions for even the harshest hygiene challenges.

Our qualified team of cleaning equipment experts will work alongside you to assess your needs; design, build, and install custom cleaning solutions on-site; and monitor performance to ensure that our solutions are meeting your desired expectations. Our premium cleaning solutions are designed to save you time and money by improving efficiency, reducing waste, and preventing costly embarrassments to your brand and reputation, such as product recalls or foodborne illness outbreaks originating from your premises.

If you are proud of your brand, want to remain on top of industry trends, and are serious about maintaining the highest standards of product quality, hygiene, and sanitation in your manufacturing or production facility, consult with us at Pescatech, where service excellence and food safety are everything.


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