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IPC Tools

Cleaning implements for the professionals.

IPC Tools is a leader in manual cleaning equipment. Completely produced in Italy, quality and durability comes standard with all products.

IPC Tools Durability

Maintaining the status as a market leader requires high levels of dedication, commitment and persistence. As well as excellence, sacrifice, diligence, and of course, spare-parts.

IPC provides replacement parts for their high quality Mop Trolleys and Speed Plate mop frames to ensure you are able to get the highest mileage possible out of your products, and be able to save money in the long-term.

Vikan Microfibre Concept

The cleaning concept that enables you to avoid the compromise between hygiene and efficiency. Vikan’s microfibre utilises the forces of capillary action and static electricity to combat unhygienic elements. These forces, which develop in microfibre cloths enable the seamless collection of grease and grime, dirt and dust. Each mop cloth provides a unique set of benefits for the user to utilise in overcoming their challenges.

The Microfibre Concept has a solution for your particular cleaning challenges, be it floors, dust, grease, walls, microbes or windows.

The high content of Vikan ‘ultra microfibre’ ensures large quantities of dust and dirt particles can be removed by the mop with extremely low friction, making it very easy to use.



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