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Importance of Hygiene Solutions for Companies

Evidence suggests that ancient Egyptians were an extremely hygienic civilisation with their own hygiene solutions. The translated Ebers Papyrus describes a primitive form of soap made up of various oils combined with alkaline-based salts used as far back as 1500 BCE. With this, they would wash their bodies and treat certain skin diseases. The “father of history,” Herodotus (another prominent historian of the time), recounted that they also did laundry and ensured they kept their crockery and cutlery washed and clean.

Although, in essence, the Egyptians got the basics right, specifically the washing of hands, there have been tremendous advances in sterilisation products and, since 1995, we at Pescatech have been finding optimum hygiene solutions to maintain stringent health and safety standards. From business premises and office spaces to public areas and high-risk environments, we have become an international leader in providing clients with high-efficiency hygiene solutions.


“Risk is Not Knowing What We’re Doing” – Warren Buffet

Hygiene Solutions

Regardless of the quality of your cleaning and sterilisation products, when staff and personnel don’t know any better, the risk of contamination of germ-sensitive areas escalates significantly. Education and training in hygiene solutions in the workplace is therefore imperative but, even with ongoing education, personnel will sometimes become complacent. In these situations, mechanised hygiene solutions might be necessary to enforce basic cleanliness like washing hands regularly and sterilisation equipment.

Besides, a healthy workspace contributes towards a healthy workforce. A healthy workforce is both happier and more productive and equates to employees taking less sick leave. Also, taking very recent history into account, it is now essential that companies enforce personal cleanliness in the workplace to prevent ailments like colds, flu, gastro infections, and Covid-19

At Pescatech, we can assist with all these hygiene solutions. We have products that are chemically designed for the routine or automation of cleanliness procedures. These hygiene solutions would measure up to any health and safety inspection and ensures consistent sanitisation of work surfaces and sensitive areas.


Boost the Bottom Line just by Being Clean

You’ll be surprised at the amount of people that will pass through your working areas. From the administration offices and staff or visitors’ toilets, through to the receiving and production departments, potential suppliers, current suppliers, delivery staff, and most importantly, potential clients, all make up the list of visitors that will enter these workspaces.

Some of these intrusions might only be for a few minutes but potential suppliers or potential clients will want to explore the premises a little more carefully, making notes of the cleanliness of the various spaces, including receiving, distribution, and production departments and inspecting hygiene solutions, systems, and procedures while they’re at it. Keeping these areas clean, fresh, free of clutter, organised, and germ-free could secure you cheaper suppliers or even new business contracts.


Flawless Results for Specific Solutions

From keeping your employees’ hands clean and offices free of germs to scrubbing passageways and work surfaces, and keeping sensitive production equipment sterilised and bacteria free, we at Pescatech have the perfect hygiene solutions.

All our products are Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) compliant and are unsurpassed. They uphold the highest standards and will endure the most rigorous of white-gloved, military inspections.

Join our constantly growing community of return clients. Contact us for more information or simply visit our website and request a quote. We’ll have the hygiene solution for you!


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