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Looking for Quality Mops? Our Premium Range Has What You Need

In the grand scheme of running a large business, mops seem an inconsequential thing about which to worry. Mopping daily and keeping those floors spotless, however, is essential when it comes to a company that prides itself on health, safety, and hygiene – such as the food and hospitality industry. If your janitorial staff relies on you for their cleaning supplies, why not make their job easier with quality hygiene solutions like well-designed mops?

For easy floor cleaning that remains hassle-free, our products are guaranteed to impress you. We stock a range of janitorial mopping solutions, such as:

  • Mopping buckets
  • Mop handles, frames, holders, wringers, and cloths
  • Washing mop bags
  • “Wet Floor” caution signs.

These solutions come in various colours, and each caters to whatever needs you might have. A wringer, in particular, is rather useful as it means that your staff will not need to come into contact with any contaminated water or chemicals, and makes for an easier, quicker way to squeeze excess water out of the fibres. As far as features go, we strive to ensure that every product is carefully designed and manufactured from top raw materials. Our mopping solutions are absorbent, hygienic, and ultra-durable. This means that you won’t need to replace them as often due to damage or breaking, and resistance to chemicals and hot and cold temperatures means that even the toughest messes don’t stand a chance. 

Here at Pescatech, we have been keeping homes and workspaces clean since 1995, and during this time have gained a strong brand reputation for quality cleaning products in a comprehensive, versatile range. As a trusted supplier of cleaning tools like janitorial equipment, we cater to a variety of industries and applications, such as factories, retail stores, abattoirs, and even restaurants. High hygiene is our ethos and investing in a premium product from our selection guarantees you the best results.

For more on our mops and what cleaning solutions might work best for you, feel free to have a chat with us today.




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