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There are arenas where quality really counts, and when it comes to the tools humanity employs to maintain hygienic and sanitary conditions in the workplace, quality counts double. None are more eligible for first prize in the keep-it-clean stakes than food processing and associated industries. In these industries, cleaning to a hygienic standard is a constant requirement, and when daily cleansing work is a reality, the quality of your janitorial equipment soon gets measured in days and nights and rands and cents. Nowhere is it more obvious than with daily maintenance cleaning, just what your janitorial equipment is worth.

Put another way, janitorial equipment needs to be extremely effective and durable-quality goods that won’t constantly interrupt maintenance through frequent breakages or rapid wearing. Janitorial supply solutions need to be designed around the modern workplace too, and equipment design should reflect the modern processing or other factors. In short, quality janitorial goods also need to be current, able to service the requirements of modern industry, while providing cost-effective, ergonomically pleasing use.

Come to Pescatech for the Best in Janitorial Equipment and Tools

Pescatech offers industry smartly-coded cleaning utensils that avoid the possible negative fallout from staff cross-contaminating tools, keeping specific items for specific tasks. We’ve done our homework to bring you the best in janitorial equipment and solutions, and are proud to supply the smart, durable items we do.

Pescatech delivers throughout South Africa, and our online catalogue contains all the details customers might desire about every item we stock. Call us-we’re here to serve you!




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