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From cutting room to cooking

Vikan are here to support

Before you select a cleaning tool, there are certain key factors to consider. Vikan products are purpose-designed precision tools, making it very important to choose just the right tool for any given job.

Suggested Products For Meat Processing Plants

Whether you are a raw or cooked meat processor Vikan tools can help maintain your product quality and safety.

We know that the hygiene and food safety challenges you face in meat processing vary, dependent on whether you process raw meats, e.g., meat cuts, minced meat, mechanically separated meat (MSM); cooked meats; or both; and the types of meat processed (red meats, poultry, game etc).

Tips & Tricks

1. Brushware

Choose detail cleaning brushes to clean in nooks and crannies and prevent biofilm build-up. Choose hard bristled brushes to aid the surface washing action during wet cleaning.

Our brushes and brooms fillaments vary: Have a look in our catalogue for more detail on this Choose from:

  • Soft
  • 2-Phase Soft/Stiff Combo
  • Medium
  • Soft/Split
  • Hard
  • UST

2. Squeegees

Choose a squeegee that is appropriately effective, hygienically designed, and durable e.g.

  • foam bladed squeegees are highly effective at removing liquids, like blood or brine from surfaces, but the blades are difficult to clean and disinfect and wear quickly.
  • a fully-moulded, single-bladed squeegee is easy to clean and disinfect and more durable. It may also be better than a brush for removal of soils like minced meat, as it doesn’t clog.

3. Scrapers

Scrapers, shovels, scoops, and buckets should be made of appropriately food contact compliant materials, and be of a dedicated colour for a dedicated task, as appropriate based on risk, e.g.

  • Blue for cleaning of food contact surfaces
  • Green for raw meat production areas
  • Yellow for processed product areas
  • Brown for cleaning of non-food contact surfaces

4. Sponges and Scouring pads

Sponges and scouring pads are difficult to decontaminate after us and should be disposed of immediately after use. Pads available in soft, medium and hard.




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