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Mobile Cleaning Units for Factories

Regardless of how large or small your food factory is, a mobile cleaning unit might be the solution to many of your hygiene and sanitation requirements. As the leading sanitation equipment providers in South Africa, we at Pescatech would suggest that these versatile tools, when used correctly, could assist in making your factory cleaning process easier.

In fact, if Covid-19 taught us anything, it is not only food factories that might need a mobile cleaning unit added to their arsenal of janitorial equipment. In any factory where a large workforce is gathered together in one place, like a production line, industrial printing factories, or cut-make-and-trim floors, for example, personal employee hygiene and workspace sanitation should be held as a priority.

Mobile Cleaning Units - Automated Hygiene

What Is a Mobile Cleaning Unit?

In layman’s terms, a mobile cleaning unit is any piece of equipment that not only assists in the cleaning process of your factory but is also mobile and can be easily transported to where it is needed. This may include small messes and spills on the factory floor, but could encompass heavy-duty clean-up operations like open plant cleaning.

Having cleaning equipment transported on wheels to where they are most necessary assists workers to move otherwise heavy or bulky, or numerous pieces of janitorial equipment at one time, to one designated space. This simplifies the process of moving equipment from one place to another, saving multiple trips and the reaction time from mess to clean-up. Not having to lift and carry heavy or bulky equipment might save on workplace injuries, limiting medical, hospital, and injury-on-duty (IOD) costs  


Types of Mobile Cleaning Units

At Pescatech, we understand that mechanised cleaning equipment in large factories is sometimes necessary, but these machines are very expensive to purchase, and maintenance and upkeep might run into thousands each month. Often being moved by electric-powered motors, they also have charging challenges through severe bouts of load-shedding.

We prefer to keep it simple. For smaller work areas where mechanised machinery simply cannot fit between production equipment, or large areas where vast distances need to be covered by janitorial staff daily (sometimes multiple times per day), we have brought a simplistic, cost-effective way of moving equipment.

Here are just three examples:

  1. For daily mopping of floors, whether in your reception area (where you accept guests, clients, and potential clients), the administration offices, or the factory floor that might have to be cleaned multiple times a day, we offer the “Black is Green” 2x15L buckets with wringer on wheels. Not only will this piece of equipment assist in keeping your floors bright, but it might also increase your turnover.

Manufactured using recycled plastic in compliance with RoHS and REACH guidelines, these mop, water, and equipment carriers are certified by a third party, in compliance with international regulations. The use of this recycled plastic content in cleaning products is recognised in public tenders as a green requirement. Additionally, it offers the following features:

  • Recycled Black is GreenTM plastic
  • Four wheels (80mm diameter) with bumpers
  • Easy to manoeuvre through tight spaces
  • New Line/Strong wringer
  • Two, 15L buckets
  • Reversible handles and tray
  • Handle holder
  1. Maintenance crews might lug heavy toolboxes from one area of the factory to another. However, your janitorial staff will hold you in high regard if you equip them with our Mobile Shadowboard Cages. These are lightweight, easily transportable mobile cupboards on wheels. These cages are mobile cleaning equipment transporters, allowing workers to comfortably move an entire workstation.

Manufactured from rust-resistant Grade 304 stainless steel to prevent corrosion, or our budget option of epoxy-coated 3mm mild steel for less wet areas, this all-welded assembly ensures a robust frame. Large-diameter, heavy-duty wheels with ball bearings and locks offer lasting mobility over uneven surfaces, and they will lock the cage in position to prevent topple-overs.

  1. Sanitising production equipment and surrounding work surfaces, floors, and ceilings is sometimes necessary in food factories multiple times a day, especially in the food industry. For this, we offer our Mobile Station LWP 4025 M-II – complete with hose, nozzles, 20 Bar pump (30L/min), and air compressor.

This pressure unit is a complete mobile cleaning machine for rinsing with pressurised water and offers the application of chemical foam and disinfectant. It is perfect for carcass-handling areas or other production floors where sanitation is paramount between shifts or before every production run.

These are only three examples of how we at Pescatech make your life easier. For only the best-quality cleaning supplies and equipment, contact us. We can also offer meaningful advice, educated recommendations, and excellent guidance and service.

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