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A mobile cleaning unit through Pescatech is an intelligent way to move jets of pressurised water and cleaning detergents quickly and efficiently from one place to another. From administration offices and ablution facilities to factory floors and manufacturing facilities, these areas must be cleaned daily and sometimes more – between shifts, during lunch breaks, or before workers arrive in the mornings. Any delays in these sanitation processes may lead to cancelled production runs, losses in staff productivity, and a loss in profits.

In this article, as the leading sanitation experts, we at Pescatech will investigate the power and versatility of mobile cleaning units and how they can quickly and efficiently assist janitorial staff to keep to tight cleaning schedules.


Assisting Janitorial Staff to Remain Ahead of Their Game with a Mobile Cleaning UnitMobile Cleaning Unit


Janitorial staff need to be able to move quickly, remaining on the go until the tasks are completed. However, there are times when a clean-up would take too long. Often, floors, work surfaces, walls, and ceilings are too dirty for manual washing and scrubbing and require a little more power to get the job done. Dirt, grease, oil, and grime can sometimes be difficult to remove with normal “elbow grease”. That is when a mobile cleaning unit offers a powerful, pressurised solution. But that is not all. These versatile machines are suitable for a wide range of cleaning applications.


What Is a Mobile Cleaning Unit?


A mobile cleaning unit is a piece of janitorial sanitation equipment that can be used to clean a factory floor or other large areas. It is mounted on wheels, making it mobile, meaning it can be easily transported to where it is most needed. This can help clean small messes and spills, but the machine is just as comfortable with more heavy-duty cleaning tasks, such as removing oil from concrete or washing down outside delivery areas, or could even be used for open plant cleaning.


Mobility is Motivating


Being mounted on wheels, these units are mobile and easy to move around, making it helpful for workers who would otherwise have to move bulky equipment. It also serves to save time, as workers do not have to make multiple trips to move heavy equipment from storage areas to where they need to be.

In addition to being easy to move around, mobile cleaning units often have a variety of features that make them well-suited for cleaning factories and manufacturing plants. For example, they have high-pressure water jets that can be used to remove dirt and grime from surfaces and have the ability to dispense cleaning detergents that can assist in removing tough stains and residue.


Pack a Punch with a Mobile Cleaning Unit


As mentioned, these machines are self-contained units that can be easily transported to different locations. They are powered by high-pressure pumps that can generate many bars of pressure very quickly, like our LWP 4025 M-II mobile station by Lagafors. This lightweight, compact, complete cleaning unit can generate an impressive 40 bar of pressure and can blast away dirt, grease, and grime from even the most difficult surfaces at the touch of a button.

So, regardless of how large or small your factory or manufacturing plant is, a mobile cleaning unit is a valuable asset to any operation where there are large workforces or production areas that get dirty quickly. They assist in improving hygiene and sanitation from the front gate to the exit and they can also help to reduce workplace injuries. By cleaning, degreasing, and sanitising work areas, equipment, and walkways, there is less chance of workers falling or slipping.


3 Additional Benefits of Using Mobile Cleaning Units


Here are three more benefits of using mobile cleaning units:

  • They can save time and money on labour and cleaning costs.
  • They Improve productivity by reducing the amount of time that workers spend cleaning.
  • They promote the production of better products by effectively removing dirt and other contaminants from floors and working surfaces.


Power Your Way to Cleanliness through Pescatech


Our leading experts at Pescatech will ensure that you receive the best service and informed advice when it comes to cleaning equipment solutions, including our range of mobile cleaning units.

It is our passion for cleaning, internationally renowned brand products, and excellent service that keeps us ahead of the pack. We have travelled the globe to learn from our suppliers, adopted their practices, and applied them in the local South African marketplace to ensure that we deliver superior-quality cleaning equipment, products, advice, and services all the time, every time. If you need guidance or assistance to solve your cleaning frustrations, contact us for a consultation today.


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