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Mopping: The One Step You Should Never Skip

Managing a business such as an abattoir, restaurant, or food factory means running a tight ship in terms of hygiene. Food health and safety regulations dictate that most surfaces should be spotless, and you won’t get away with skipping a day of mopping. Other industries, such as retail stores, accommodation lodges, and even businesses in corporate settings may neglect their daily elbow grease when it comes to giving the floors a little shine. There are, however, a few vital reasons to mop as often as possible, and not just when the tiles begin to look a little grubby.

Apart from making your floors look cleaner, mopping each day (or at least every other day) comes with the benefits of:

  • Floor sanitisation: Think about how much microscopic dirt and bacteria several dozen feet track into a room each day. Everything from food and liquid spills to pet hair included, and the only way to avoid a build-up is to mop the area with a cleaning chemical.
  • A good impression: Clients and visitors are all impressed by a gleaming floor, and staff prefer working in a cleaner environment too.
  • Preventing allergies: Dust, animal hair, and various other allergens quickly build up on a surface over time. To keep your building sniffle-free, make sure to mop often.

At Pescatech, our mopping supplies are top of the industry and come in a range of sizes, colours, and designs to suit your needs. Talk to us today for more information.




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