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If Pescatech supplied it, it would be a pity if she left it behind, as even in the royal palace, our mops look right at home! Of course, as one final act of forgiveness, she might have left her mop behind for her horrible stepsisters, and all the better for them to keep their house in order if she did. A mop is such a humble tool, yet so irreplaceable and wonderfully functional when needed, small wonder a broom and a mop are still seen as the two staple cleaning utensils even today.

No one moves to a new house without a mop on hand, and no one tries to run decent commercial premises of any nature unless similarly equipped. Mops are subtly diverse, and there are various materials employed at the working end, along with various options on handles and their length that make a mop fit for a particular premises’ purposes. Needs vary where different liquids and assorted materials (or none) are a regular presence in daily work, and mops’ ergonomic attributes have increased markedly over the last few decades too.

Even the Humble Mop Deserves Contemplation

Much as any other tool needs to be designed or tailored for a specific purpose, so too do mops need to be matched with their usual tasks. In mass production, small tools in a production line can accumulate wasted hours and days over a year because of poor design or low-quality materials, or both. When it comes to mops, commercial premises are the equivalent workload of mass production, as whether it is offices or heavy industry factories that need to be mopped, the surface area is always of commercial extent. Office and factory mops cover a lot of ground!

Mopping your apartment might be all wrapped up in 10 minutes, but commercial premises make mops work a lot harder. While the basic construct of a mop has remained unchanged for obvious reasons, the ergonomic aspects of handles, their shape and length, and even the materials employed in the mop head have all been tweaked in the modern era. Today’s mops are far more effective than those of even only 50 years ago, with accompanying ease of use, taking unnecessary strain off workers’ shoulders, and speeding up hygiene processes as well.

Pescatech Supplies the Best Mops to Businesses in SA

We are biased, because we have built our reputation on selling only highly durable, strong, and well-designed hygiene equipment, but it has to be said that stronger mops are simply more gratifying to employ, and more cost-effective to boot. We are affordable, but we do not compete at the bottom end of the market, simply because we want to be able to be genuine with our customers and sell them something we know we can be proud of. We want all our customers to come back again and again, and we figured the only way you can ensure that happens, is by selling goods that just stand out above others for their durability and smart performance.

If it is a mop you need, we have it! Let Pescatech meet your specifications for industrial mops and provide what is ultimately the cheapest route to consistently great hygiene over time. Our gear is built to perform and built to last. Visit our online catalogues and see for yourself.




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