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Almost every employer in the food sector has already or will have to deal with employees not paying enough attention to their personal hygiene. In this industry, it is critical to ensure that equipment and staff members are always clean and hygienic when at work. However, to check every worker at the door takes time.

It also increases cost-to-company if a person must be employed just to enforce the checking. With automated hygiene systems, you can get two birds with one stone. By installing the right equipment at your staff entrance, access control and sanitising become stress-free.

3 High-Quality Machines to do Your Bidding

Sometimes, you have to spend a little if you want to reach your goals. If you are looking for the perfect way to save money on employing extra labourers, while also keeping your staff section off limits to the public and germ free, our automated hygiene equipment will do the trick. All three these innovative machines feature turnstile doors that only allow those who have already been sanitised access to the plant:

Each of these devices also come equipped with footbaths for disinfecting shoes, automatic hand-wash, and paper towels for drying. After all the washing is done, employees have to sanitise their hands to be allowed through the turnstile door. With either the SaniCompact or Sanieco Plus options, a hand dryer can be installed in place of the paper towel dispenser.

The automated hygiene equipment takes between 9 to 18 seconds per person for a full wash-and-go. In turn, this saves ample time as compared to manually having to spray hands and inspect each worker, not to mention having them clean their shoes in some way.

Manual Boot Washers as an Alternative

If you are not sold on having a large machine at your factory entrance or want to invest in a less expensive machine, get a manual boot washer. This machine option is far smaller than the full automated hygiene machines, and although not as sophisticated, it gives employees the chance to clean their shoes before entering the building.

These little gadgets are operated by foot and save money on your power bill as they do not require electricity to work. You will still need to spray the hands of your workers manually and run the risk of employees skipping the process entirely, but it is a cheaper option. We also stock three bigger automated boot washers, which are not that easily dodged by individuals who do not feel like getting clean. For more information on these, have a look at our available boot washer systems.

Hand-Washing Solutions

To solve the problem of workers touching taps with filthy hands and spreading bacteria in that way, we have a couple of excellent foot-operated wash basins for sale. These are perfect for any kitchen, washroom, or anywhere else that people might need to rinse frequently after working with food or other organic materials. You can also opt for one of the infrared designs. Our basins range from one to four person usage at a time. By adding one of these to your entrance area, along with a boot washer and sanitising station, your employees will have no excuse not to comply with your firm’s hygiene regulations.

Buy automated hygiene equipment from us along with all your other cleaning supplies. Get in touch for more details or prices.


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