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What sets us aside from other hygiene product solutions is The Vikan Hygiene System®. This comprehensive system provides us with over 100 different cleaning tools each, tailor-made for a specific cleaning job in the food processing, transport, and hospitality industries. It is all thanks to The Vikan Hygiene System® that we are now supplying over 3 000 local and national clients with the right cleaning solutions and products for their companies and their companies’ specific needs.

What qualities make our hygiene product solutions different?

  1. ISO Certified

The Vikan Hygiene System® is imported from Demark and is ISO certified which means, unlike most local hygiene product solutions it adheres to the requires set by the International Organization for Standardization.

  1. FDA Approved and HACCP Compliant

With our hygiene product solutions being FDA Approved and HACCP compliant, we can offer you products of an international standard recognised by the food safety system. According to the FDA, this means that we have been approved based on the fact that “the benefits of the product outweigh the known risks for the intended use” and can therefore offer you products and cleaning solutions that you can trust.

  1. Durable Products Meant to Last

The Vikan Hygiene System® is improving hygiene standards in a number of ways. All brush blocks are made of solid polypropylene and contain fixed stainless-steel staples to ensure it can outlast any spring-clean! Also, having superior quality means no loose bristles due to poor-quality brushware.

  1. Ergonomic for All

Saying that our hygiene product solutions are user-friendly, is an understatement. It’s ergonomic, effective, and optimised for comfortable use. Being easy to use, it might surprise you to say that it’s easy to clean too! All our products are autoclavable, making it able to withstand steam sterilisation.

For more information about Pescatech and our hygiene product solutions, get in touch here.




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